Top 10 Stunning Places to Visit in Scotland

From the beauty of the highlands to the glistening lochs and marshlands, Scotland is shrouded in both utterly stunning beauty and mystery. These places have legendary beauty and offer the most where scenic views and stunning sights are concerned!

Scotland is the perfect region to visit when you want to feel lost in time. It will charm your soul with her amazing castles and fantastic hills and it will tire your legs with her difficult trails while carrying your spirit up to the heavens!

Since there are probably way too many amazing places to visit all at once, we put together a short list with the most wonderful of them all. Only once you see the sites mentioned below, you will be completely immersed in the fantastic adventure that is Scotland!

Loch Ness

Everyone has heard of the most famous loch to come out of Scotland: Loch Ness. The notorious monster, Nessie the Loch Ness monster, is said to live within the 754-foot lake and holds the spotlight at the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition for being the most mysterious underwater creature in the entire United Kingdom.

Taking a pair of some of the best monoculars ensures that you get to see the Urquhart Castle and all the ruins that come along with it, even if you are viewing it from a distance!

The Isle of Skye

Western Scotland’s finest, the Isle of Skye, holds some of the most stunning landscapes within the Hebrides Islands. Moorlands, mountains, sandy beaches, and much more scenery can be found here that will allure everyone who visits.

Rock climbers and hikers alike will most definitely appreciate the mountain passes that the Cuillin Hills, plus the coastal views that are rated as some of the best in the whole of the United Kingdom.


This atmospheric and historic site is infamous for the massacre that took place, which is now better known for being one of Hollywood’s famous film spots. Rushing waterfalls, dramatic mountains and cottage areas and the log cabins Isle Of Wight like Fairway Holiday Park go for miles. Such scenarios are expected to be there at Hollywood events. This stunning Highland region makes it one of the best places in Scotland to go as a photographer. Regardless of the fact that you are a travel blogger or just a traveler who wants to add astonishing images to their album, this area is definitely going to impress you. We recommend choosing the best camera for outdoor use in order to take pictures that depict the complete beauty of this place.

The Kelpies

Anyone who is truly fond of monuments will no doubt appreciate everything that The Kelpies has to offer. Located between the Forth and Clyde Canal, the two ever mysterious horse heads famously sit.

Falkirk’s equine statues are of the largest in the world and continue to be one of the most photographed attractions in the entire country of Scotland, which makes them one of the most stunning places to visit when visiting, hands down.

Mull Of Galloway

For those who enjoy a breathtaking view that consists of clifftops, love a good lighthouse that is perfectly designed, and don’t mind climbing a number of steps to get there, Mull of Galloway is going to be your next favorite destination.

The whitewashed lighthouse was designed by Robert Stevenson and lays in a scenery that looks almost as if it’s a still-life painting.

The Skye Fairy Pools

If you’re someone who loves to see more of the more mystical destinations the world has to offer, Scotland has one of the best you could ever hope to see. The Skye Fairy Pools have enchanting imagery that simply cannot be beaten.

The cascading waterfalls have a beautiful flow through the carved rock that flows into the turquoise pools, making this place one of the most stunning, mystical places that Scotland has to offer.

Shetland Islands

For a peaceful setting that offers history that dates back through cultures that are hundreds of years old, the Shetland Islands of Scotland is definitely where you want to be.

From small, tightly-knit villages and communities to the miniature ponies that are native to the Shetland Islands, which are, in fact, where Shetland Ponies get their names and hail from, this Scotland region offers it all.

You can clearly get a glimpse of the Scottish and the Nordic cultures that are both from and currently residing here, as well. You can also find pristine beaches, archaeological sites, the Up Helly Aa fire festival for the Viking’s Heritage and much more.

Interestingly enough, the Up Helly Aa fire festival is one of the oldest celebrated in Scotland that honors the heritage of the Vikings who live in Scotland, whether they were born there or settled there many, many years ago; generations ago, if you will.

Edinburgh Castle

Who could miss the greatest castle in all of Scotland? Edinburgh Castle is not only located in the prime capital of the country, but it’s also one of the most stunning castles in the world, never mind just in Scotland, where there happen to be many.

Edinburgh Castle sits high up on a craggy stronghold that is rather ancient in history, which also overlooks the capital city of Edinburgh itself.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scotland for a very good reason. It is home to the Stone of Destiny, the Crown Jewels, and many other incredible exhibits that can be visited aside from the fantastic views alone.

Corryvreckhan Whirlpool

Scotland, interestingly enough, is home to one of the world’s few known whirlpools! The Corryvreckan Whirlpool not only ranks among the few, but it’s also the third largest known whirlpool currently in the world.

It’s located between the Scarba and Jura Isles, with specialized boat tours that go out each day so you can get as close as possible and see this spectacular, mysterious natural phenomenon.

Cairngorms National Park

Scotland has some of the most beautiful, lush greenery and overall scenery in the world, not to mention the United Kingdom, so it’s only reasonable to expect that their national parks are just as good.

This assumption is backed up to be true when you look at how gorgeous and stunning Cairngorms National Park is. It’s the largest national park in the entire United Kingdom.

This national park of Scotland is famed for the beauty that remains unspoiled and the wildlife that is native to this region of Scotland, and some other areas of the country, as well.

What’s more, the Cairngorms National Park of Scotland is also home to five of the highest mountains in the country. This number is out of approximately six other mountains, making it the best place to visit if you’re up for a challenging climb!

The Stunning Beauty of Scotland

With so many incredible, stunning places to visit in Scotland, where will you go on your first adventure?

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