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Taktshang Goemba located on the edge of the cliff

The three mega marvels of Bhutan

Bhutan is known for its tremendous architecture and buildings which are massive in nature. These mega structures were build for many purposes. Few were build as administrative headquarters while others were build as place...

The traditional dress for women in Bhutan known as Gho

Bhutan – Virginity undisturbed

The Land Of Thunder Dragon Bhutan is a small Himalayan nation, sandwiched between 2.5 billion people of India and China. The small population of around 700,000 call it Druk Yul meaning “The Land of Thunder Dragon”....

Lonely Guide Country Guide To Bhutan

My first travel guide book

My first travel guide book I was never a great book reader but, today I received my first travel guide book. The book is Lonely Planet County Guide to Bhutan which I purchased at the...