Exotic Destinations In India For Beach Weddings

India is full of vivid natural beauty. Nature has designed this land with all of its best resources available in its own hand. India has one of the best landscapes in the world with attractive scenery. It’s an ideal land to arrange an unforgettable, colorful wedding ceremony to mark the day as one of the most special days for any couple.

Beaches are a great attraction of India. Sunny beaches with tall swelling palms, azure sky on top of it – a common beach we think of, but in India, they become much more beautiful. With open, blue sea and comforting weather, India’s beaches are the best suitable venues for a beach wedding. And, when you are planning a destination wedding, you don’t have to worry about finding venues and other wedding vendors. With online wedding planning sites, you can find best wedding venues in India and more, and plan your wedding accordingly.

Talking of wedding, a beach wedding is one of the best ways to make the wedding ceremony a grand success and the sweetest memory. Beach wedding is like a mini vacation for everyone involved and the weather is completely different, near to the nature that changes the mood of everyone completely.


Goa is on the shore of Arabian Sea, with full of attractive and eye-catching sunny beaches like in Thailand. The place is renowned for its natural beauty, awesome beaches and set ups around it. There are many beaches in Goa, and not a single beach is less than the others. Goa is also famous for its seafood and ambiance. Beach wedding, for its being special, is gaining popularity all over India, giving Goa a top place for the choice of the ceremony.

Because of public interest, there’re so many companies and other facilities have grown there. They have the perfect setup for arranging an extraordinary marriage ceremony.


Beaches have an inevitable aura of beauty that attracts everyone. Having a marriage ceremony out there is obviously a dream for every couple planning to marry. If Goa couldn’t be reached, there’s Kerala, another region of India at the shore of the big blue sea with a number of pristine beaches. The tradition and culture at Kerala are quite different than other parts of India, making it a most exciting place. The beaches offer all the loveliness possible by nature, turning it as another top choice for couples to have their marriage ceremony.


Beach wedding is quite exciting and a noteworthy event of couple’s life. What if the excitement is taken a step ahead? Andaman and Nicobar Island offer the most exciting types of a beach wedding. The entire place is surrounded by seas, the food habit and culture is different and a marriage ceremony is taking place at one of the vibrant beaches – many couples aspire after such dreams and that’s possible at Andaman and Nicobar Island.

It is noted that for a smoother wedding ceremony, the number of people is expected to be highest at 100, as hotels on the island are hard to book and even harder to choose hotels that are nearby the venue.


It’s another beautiful destination with natural charm. Another awesome destination for a beach wedding on island that is smaller than Andaman and Nicobar, yet no less in beauty. Wedding enthusiasts are focused on Lakshadweep as it’s one of the prime examples how thrilling a wedding place could be. It’s gaining popularity and already attracting lots of Indians and foreigners as one of the exciting wedding destinations in India.

Beach wedding offer ample pleasure and a fresh feeling to everyone, especially to the couple who’s going to start a whole new life. India has a number of beach wedding destinations, offering the best experience at a reasonable cost.

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