Things To Do In The Center Of Athens

Athens as a travel destination is quite daunting. It is a city where ancient and modern coexist and tradition and trends mingle to make it the cosmopolitan heart of Greece. It is home to one of the world’s most astounding ancient ruins. Steeped in ancient, the center of the city is thriving with lip-smacking gastronomy, numerous places to see and an array of things to do.

The city lures you in with its dazzling Byzantine churches, narrow pedestrian streets and inviting restaurant terraces. You can also find copious resorts, bars, restaurants, pubs and shopping arcades dotted in its central region.

Exploring this historic city paves way for exciting experiences and here are a run-down of the best things to do in the center of Athens.

Top Things To Do In The center Of Athens

  • Delve in the riches of Greek cuisine

Discover the Greek culinary wealth in the heart of the city. Its delicious cuisine ages back to 4000 years. For the seafood lovers, Greek culinary has a special lay that is influenced by the Mediterranean dishes. They are known to use only fresh and seasonal vegetables in their preparations that adds to the flavour.

  • Enjoy the breath-taking sunset views

Get your camera ready for the sunset views that will sway you away. You can go all the way up to Acropolis or go to the Pnyka Hill and witness the sky changing colours during sunset. There are ample other spots too from where the city landscape looks alluring. You can also wait after and witness the city lights twinkling and glittering in the dark.

  • Witness the changing of the guard

The change of guards ceremony takes place daily in the morning in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is to honour the anonymous soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the country. The guards are dressed in traditional costumes comprising of pleated skirts, leg tassels and pompom shoes.

  • Attend cultural activities

Cultural activities are your window into the lives of the citizens of Athens. Especially if you are a film buff, you must visit the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Enrol yourself on a free cinema class and socialize with other movie lovers as well. They also run a unique series of film screenings that you can catch up on.

  • Take a stroll in the narrow picturesque lanes

There is nothing like an evening spent exploring the charming village ambience of central Athens on foot. Especially when it is the picturesque Pláka neighbourhood. Lined with pastel-painted houses, boutique cafes and shops, a leisurely stroll through these scenic lanes is the perfect thing to do in this capital city.

  • Shop from the flea market

The best thing to do in the center of Athens is to hit flea markets and thrift shops and splurge. It is a shopper’s paradise and you can find antiques, handmade and crafted goods, pottery and other hidden treasures that are looking out for a new home.

Athens is truly a city to behold. It is rightfully known as the birthplace of modern Western civilization owing to the modern art galleries, elegant café culture and outdoor cinemas. It is where democracy was first known to mankind and people live their life to the fullest.

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Athens is an unparalleled experience and with such enthralling things to do and a luxurious stay, you will see yourself coming back for more.

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