The Seven Wonders Of Singapore

Singapore truly has so many wonderful things to see and do that it is no wonder that one of Asia’s top tourist destinations is located there, Sentosa Island. In addition to the resort, however, Singapore has many other truly amazing places that should not go unseen. I was fortunate enough to get to experience these attractions firsthand and am delighted to be able to share my experiences and discoveries of this wonderful country and all it has to offer both tourist and locals alike.

1. Changi International Airport

Although people do not often mention airports as a tourist attraction, I found that Changi Airport is definitely an exception to the rule. This airport is more than architecturally unique. There are so many fascinating things to see and do in the airport alone that your vacation starts the moment you step off the plane.

Changi Airport offers two movie theaters in which complimentary movies are available for viewing 24 hours a day. One of the theaters show Fox Movies while the other allows you to view up to date films. Once you have taken in a show, you do not want to skip out on the Sunflower or Butterfly Gardens. Both gardens are often unseen by those who are unaware of their existence, but should definitely be advertised because they are quite unique and visually appealing, especially after a long flight.What better way to stretch your legs?

If nature isn’t really your thing, you can check out all the amenities this airport has to offer and let me tell you, there are a tons of things you can do! You can get a massage for free, watch sports, play on the entertainment deck featuring all the latest systems, go shopping, grab a bite to eat and interact with the social tree. There is a playground so children can run off some energy and after spending ten dollars around the airport you can show your receipt for a free trip down Singapore’s tallest slide, all located inside the airport.

Terminal 3 Changi Airport

Terminal 3 Changi Airport

2. Sentosa Island

Sentosa, meaning peace and tranquility, is an island resort located in Singapore. With nearly 20 million visitors annually, both tourists and locals alike make this one of Asia’s largest tourist destinations. There are many fabulous attractions from dining and spas to theme parks and golf courses and a variety of accommodations in Sentosa, that will appeal to every walk of life. Regardless of whether you are seeking a destination where you can relax along the beach, visit theme parks or take in the sights or even hit golf balls on the plush greens, there truly is something here for the entire family to appreciate.

The beaches of Sentosa cannot be missed. Siloso Point is the beautiful place to relax with your toes in the sand and sip on cocktails until the sun sets. Three beaches allow plenty of room for sunbathing and snorkeling to volleyball and kayaking and everything in between.

If thrill seeking is more your style, plenty of that is offered in Sentosa as well. You can find aquariums and museums, water parks, spas, Universal Studios, Madame Tussauds, 4D Adventureland, Tiger Sky Tower and so much more all in one general area, that regardless of the amount of time you have to visit, you will never run out of fun and exciting things to do.

Sentosa view from Tiger Sky Tower

Sentosa view from Tiger Sky Tower

If you do want to slow down the pace a bit, there are plenty of options to include a little shopping and dining. There are a multitude of retail establishments that provide everything from souvenirs and apparel to necessities and luxury items, which in turn will provide every indulgent imaginable and help make the trip unique experience. Every vacation to Sentosa can be as unique as the individual experiencing it. Do not forget to indulge in some of Singapore’s finest cuisine.

Food enthusiasts can dine upon anything from a quick snack to fine dining at a number of Michelin rated restaurants and anything in between. One of my absolute favorite places to eat was the Nam Nam Noodle Bar located at Resorts World Sentosa. This is a great place to experience some exceptional authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Founded by Chef Nam, this restaurant serves up quick and affordable food from a simple menu with no added MSG. This traditional Vietnamese fare is sure to tantalize even the most discerning of palates. The menu offers a variety of options from entrees and appetizers to sandwiches and dessert, so everyone in your dining party is sure to find something both appealing and pleasing to their taste buds. This was an exceptional experience for me. It was satisfying in both quality & taste and as a bonus, was easy on my budget.

Nam Nam Noodle Bar in Sentosa

Nam Nam Noodle Bar in Sentosa

While visiting I decided to check out some of the attractions, both big and small. In my opinion, Universal Studios theme park is highly overrated. I found the park to be both overpriced and disappointing in meeting my expectations. Those with younger children in search of their favorite TV show characters might disagree with me, however, if you’re looking for a quality attraction you may want to look elsewhere.

One of my absolute personal favorite attractions while visiting Sentosa was Skyline Luge. This allowed me to experience the outdoors in a way that cannot be found anywhere but Singapore. Here riders are allowed to control the pace of their ride in addition to choosing either the Dragon or the Jungle Trail. Both trails provide a unique experience and if you have the time, I would suggest both. By allowing riders to control the ride, this experience can be enjoyed by both thrill seeking junkies wanting to speed down the track or those who prefer a more casual approach and leisurely move along the trail, allowing time to take in the sights. After sunset visitors can observe a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline on the Skyride. This is one attraction that I don’t think should be missed. It truly is an amazing experience for the entire family to enjoy.

3. Singapore Flyer

Another fun for the entire family attraction is the Singapore Flyer. This giant Ferris wheel is often referred to an observation wheel, because it is a glass enclosure rather than an open cage like that of a typical Ferris wheel. Reaching an unbelievable 165 meters high, it will delight not only Ferris wheel lovers, but everyone around the globe. It provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city from the top and as an added bonus, the lines are relatively short, making the waiting time very minimal. The best time to ride is at dusk, so that you can still observe the view, but also when the city’s lights beginning to touch the sky line. In addition to the 30 minute ride, there are variety of activities to participate in which includes a flight simulator, a 6 dimensional motion ride, a fish spa and a super car drive.

Singapore Flyer in Black & White

Singapore Flyer in Black & White

4. Gardens By The Bay

Next wonder of Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay located near Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is just as fascinating in the daylight where you can observe the multiple steel structures, super trees and magnificent flowers as it is at night where you can partake in the majestic light show complete with music.

General admission is free to the outdoor gardens, so if you are looking for some cheap entertainment, this is it. However, visitors do not simply go there because it’s free, they attend because it is simply amazing. There are several areas to visit within the complex, some of which require you to purchase a ticket. One of these areas include the Cloud Forest, which is constructed to capture the essence and beauty of a tropical rainforest, and is inside a dome like structure which is fully air conditioned, so it is really nice on hot days. In addition to the Cloud Forest you will also find – Supertree Grove, Heritage Gardens, Flower Dome, Dragonfly Lake, The World of Plants, Bay East Garden and Kingfisher Lake, all of which have unique qualities that cannot be experienced anywhere else on earth. Take my word for it, it is definitely worth scheduling into your trip.

Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay

Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay

5. Marina Bay Sands Resort

Marina Bay Sands Resorts & Casino provides the most luxurious accommodations Singapore has to offer. Atop the 57 story hotel lays the infinity pool providing guests with a magnificent view of the skyline. The pool in itself is truly amazing. The pool appears to have no edge and based on its elaborate design and you must be a little daring to go towards that edge, as those with a fear of heights can struggle with the deception. The hotel provides plenty of amenities to keep guests occupied during their stay, including in room and fine dining restaurants and plenty of shopping. Guests can also conveniently take in a number of live shows, find a variety of museums and even visit a skating rink.

View of Marina Bay Sands from 1 Altitude

View of Marina Bay Sands Resort from 1 Altitude

6. National Museum of Singapore

A wonderful museum that should be put on your must see list includes my favorite which is the National Museum of Singapore. This museum isn’t architecturally great or anything that sets itself above the rest, but for me it is a place where I was able to learn about the history and lives of some of the people who shaped Singapore. It was fascinating for me to be able to view exhibits providing an in-depth look at how Singapore transformed and changes that occurred over a 700 time span. It provided historical details on how a once small fishing village from the 1300s became an independent nation in the years of 1965 to 1975 and all the stages and changes in between. The museum provides guided tours which only adds to the already delightful appeal of this wonderful historical museum.

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

7. Merlion Park

Singapore’s trademark poster image, Merlion Park, is a landmark and major tourist attraction located near the Central Business District. The park was originally designed in 1964 as an emblem by the tourist board. Although the original statue was initially located at the mouth of the Singapore river, once the Esplanade Bridge opened, it could no longer be seen, therefore it was relocated to a platform on the other side of the bridge. Although the statue was damaged when struck lightning, it has been repaired and can still be seen by locals and tourists alike with the well-known water pouring from its mouth.

The Merlion of Singapore

The Merlion of Singapore

The seven wonders of the world are known both far and wide, but fewer know about the seven wonders that Singapore have to offer. Whether you live in Singapore, have visited or are planning your first trip, if you take my advice and visit the places I have mentioned I am sure you will have a wonderful time and make memories you will never forget!

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