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No matter where the globalization and modern technology has swept away the surge of economic development and how dependent the South East Asian countries economies has been on Ho Chi Minh City, the ghost of imperial days looms large. The name Saigon, as fondly people call the city, bears testimony to that. It is the largest thriving metropolis down south in Vietnam. The liberation of Saigon or the fall of Saigon as history prefers to call, the glorious victory of Viet Cong over southern Vietnam had seen the city being rechristened to Ho Chi Minh City, after the ubiquitous Vietnamese leader.

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The romantic love for the old name is evident in the hotel we will be discussing here, Park Hyatt Saigon.

The old city sustains much of the heritage from the French colonial era. The museums, palaces, old road and French style architectures in HCMC at large bear testimony to the days bygone. Even though a distinct Vietnamese feel lingers in the air as a traveler explores the nooks and corners of the city. It is intangible but existing with vigor. The Vietnamese unique identity speaks volumes even in the crowd of modern malls and business towers catering to the economic region.

Experience the thrill of exploring this vibrant metropolis with renowned hospitality of the Hyatt group. They have created a heavenly abode of luxury and hospitality right at the heart of the city for traveler with fine taste. Never for a moment will you feel away from after a busy day of getting lost in the maddening crowd on the street. Here goes my review of the hotel I adore with my heart and soul!


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District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City is situated near downtown and hosts plenty of amenities for tourists.

Park Hyatt Saigon is located centrally in District 1 keeping in mind the guests will have easy access to any urban luxury they wish for!

Finest of restaurants, bars, thriving markets and rejuvenating spa dot the street. There is no dearth of interesting activities around the hotel. In my opinion, District 1 is the best locality that allows tourists to observe local customs thoroughly as well play witness a multicultural atmosphere that hosts tourists across the globe.


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The hotel is huge. It is styled as an old French colonial palace with architectural wonder to marvel for. Elegance and modern infrastructure marries at ease in the indoors as rooms are designed keeping comfort in mind, with a hint of historic reference to French era.

With a mini bar inside your suite, you do not have a worry a bit. Warm, discreet and dignified service, true to the signature of the service brand, awaits you with ultimate relaxed and personalized luxury.

A curate collection of oil paintings, antiques, lacquer ware and handcrafted embroidery adorns the walls of delicately designed spacious rooms. The rooms and suites will let the guest glimpse to spectacular city-line and the Saigon river as night descends.


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The Park Hyatt Saigon takes special care to treat their guests with authentic in house exotic dining experience and offers an array of choices for unique dining experiences.

Square One being the signature restaurant, treats diners with authentic Vietnamese and Western cuisine. It is featured among the top dining experiences of HCMC.

Staying true to it’s name, Opera is an Italian joint, overlooking the legendary Opera house of Saigon. Renowned Chef Matteo spices up the pizza or pasta al dente in the open kitchen while you treat your taste-buds to this amazing dining experience. Do not forget to discover their famous Sunday brunch with an extravagance of Italian flavours, seafood, pasta, roasted meats and delightful desserts.

2 Lam Son Bar is the arguably the liveliest nightspot in Ho Chi Minh City with a playful DJ on weekends.

If you appreciate live music performance, lounge at the Premium Park Lounge with a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

If you want to master the skills of preparing a perfect Vietnamese Pho, do enroll for their exclusive cooking class.


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The hotel is situated amid a lush sprawling oasis garden, brought to be an eye’s delight with care. Traditional Vietnamese beauty rituals and ingredients are used in their premium spa, Xuan Spa.

You can further access their fitness centre for the added spirit!

A hot day can easily be spent by lounging on the chairs by the azure pool of the beautiful property.

With the multitude of service offering, the hotel undoubtedly caters to business meeting and events in the sleek professional convention center.

They even can deck up for a gala wedding event on your request.

Things To Do Around The Hotel

You can explore the city by your own or contact hotel concierge to take you for an unforgettable tour across the major tourist attractions of Saigon.

A highlight of the destinations is listed as below.

Central Post Office – Famous architect Gustave Eiffel had designed the largest post office in Vietnam. Buy stamps, books, souvenirs and collector coin sets or even send a postcard home. Be sure to look for the exquisite hand-painted maps on the post office’s interior walls.

City Hall / People’s Committee – The magnificent office of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, completed in 1908, sits at the end of Nguyen Hue street. It remains one of the most stunning colonial monuments in the city.

Notre Dame Cathedral – The cathedral with Neo-Romanesque architecture was built between October 1877 and April 1880. With the approval of the Vatican, it was named Notre Dame.

Opera House – Just a few steps from the hotel, the Opera House, designed by French architect Ferret Eugene, was restored and renewed in 2005 to celebrate the 407th anniversary of the foundation of Saigon (1698 – 2005). Visit there to enjoy various artistic entertainments such as singing, music, dancing and traditional & modern dramas, .

Independence Palace, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) by Long Tram on 500px.com

Reunification Palace –The erstwhile Norodom Palace of the Indochina Governor General, then the Independence Palace of the Saigon Regime, the Reunification Palace was designed by architect Ngo Viet Thu. It features amazing structure and scenery.

War Remnants Museum – Established in 1975, this museum reminisces on the war with the United States and exhibits relics from that era. A highlight is the “Requiem Photographic Exhibition” of pictures taken by photojournalists who encountered death in the war. Outside, guests will find an interesting collection of tanks and captured U.S. fighter planes in a decked up garden.

I suggest at least a couple of day’s stay in the city before exploring the rural or northern parts of the country which differs large with HCMC in cultural experience. It is a unique place that offers distinct flavor of Vietnam.

The warmth and richness of heritage is unmatched with that of its other counterparts. Do experience the rush hour and bustling night life of HCMC amid rapid economic development. It is just a matter of few more years the city might lose its old world charm and completely dedicate itself to state of art infrastructure.

For those who seek pleasure in experiencing days of yore, the city shows an unforeseen face. Explore that before time lapses. Meanwhile soak in the warmth of renowned hospitality of Park Hyatt. With quintessential professional services, they leave no stone unturned to make your stay oozing the warmth of a home.

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