Surreal Landscapes of India

India is an incredible country. Its various cultures, food, languages, architecture, the Palaces, the temples in India makes it a hot destinations for the tourists. Most of the tourist come to India for culture and food, but they forget how beautiful the landscapes in India could be. We will take you trough the best surreal landscapes of India, most of them in the North and East part of the country.

1. Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh

One of the most remote places in India, Tso Moriri Lake is picturesque and breath taking. The weather conditions could be very harsh and the temperatures might drop down to -40 C. It is located at 13,000 feet over the sea level, making it one of the highest lakes in the world and 18 kilometers long. The naturality of this place attracts wildlife and migratory birds. A permission which is issued in Leh is need to visit this lake. Apart from this lake, there are some views that cannot be missed in Ladakh.

Tso Moriri Lake

Lonely person in front of Tso Moriri Lake

2. Valley Of Flowers, Uttharkhand

Valley Of Flowers National Park in the state of Uttharkhand (previously known as Uttharanchal), is a fairy land located on an altitude of 3,600 meters above the sea level. Surrounded by the icy Himalayan mountains, this place is filled with blossoms of flowers which takes various colors as depending on the season, pure water bodies, clear streams, snow peaks and waterfalls. Whether this place emerged by emerged by natural powers or from Hindu mythology, it can be compared to eternity.

Valley of Flowers

Flower blossoms at Valley of Flowers

3. Se La Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

One of the highest motor-able roads in the world, Se La Pass connects Tawang District (in Arunachal Pradesh) to other parts of India. This pass is remains covered with snow most of the year. It’s a totally different world out there with serene crystal clear Se La Lake (also called Paradise Lake), which gets frozen during winter.

Se La Lake

Frozen Se La Lake during winter

4. Himalayan Mountain Range

The biggest mountain range in the world with over 100 mountains whose altitudes are higher than 7,000 meters, is believed to be the place where the God’s live in Hindu mythology. The Himalayas cross five countries – India, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Pakistan. Home to diverse ecological system, frozen mountain tops the nature takes a stunning journey through the Himalayas.


Himalayas view from an aircraft

5. Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

The Great Rann Of Kutch is a salt marshland in the Thar desert spreading across the Kutch in Gujarat to Sindh in Pakistan. It’s a pristine place with vast expanses of salt. Unlike other deserts with sanddunes, Rann of Kutch is a superlative place where you could see the flat lands miles away from you.

Rann Of Kutch

Dusk at The Great Rann Of Kutch

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