Nepal Visa for Indians

Indians have a lengthy process to apply for tourist visa. But Nepal visa for Indians is hassle free and easy. That’s a lie.

Indian citizens do not need a visa to travel in Nepal. They can stay for any number of days as they desire.

When you are at any port of entry of Nepal you need to just show any photo identification proof like Passport or Ration Card or Electoral Card or any valid government provided identification card.

If you are from another country and want a visa to Nepal, look at our page Nepal Visa On Arrival.

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Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

Karthik Reddy has been traveling around the world since completing his M.B.A in 2012. He is passionate about photography, trying out new food, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and explore places solo.

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  1. Vishnu says:

    Can we get an entry and exit stamp on passport if travelling by air ?

  2. ksharma01 says:

    thats vey impressive

  3. Lake Research says:

    That was very informative post. I was thinking of going to Nepal for research studies. You helped me a lot with this.

    Anybody here for Lake Research?

  4. Pradeep Madgaonkar says:

    Great information….found it very useful thanks for sharing

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