Pattaya At Night – The Coolest Things To Do In Pattaya

Pattaya, the resort city located at close proximity to the mighty South East Asian capital Bangkok is often touted as Sin City of the East with it share of night bars, discos, pleasure activities and much more. Controversies galore in Pattaya. However, Pattaya has undergone a sea change as far as tourist activities are concerned. Beyond the main Pattaya beach and (in)famous walking Street, Pattaya at night is beaming with various tourist activities, starting from inclusive glam shows with transgenders, equaling the shows in Bangkok, fine dine restaurants, a vibrant nightlife bringing out the best of fun loving holiday makers.

While mornings at Pattaya are rather calm with sunbathing by the beach or island hopping at nearby Coral island, Pattaya overflows with life as sunset beckons.

1. The KAAN Show – A Show Which will make you Forget Every Other Show

Technology married creativity at the stage of KAAN show, the new age entertainment wonder in Thailand. The KAAN show is famed for skilled artists, their live performance, stunts, excellent camera work and graphical display of unbound energy. A complete fun-filled activity for a couple of hours, KAAN show is highly recommended for tourists visiting Thailand with family.

A touch of the eternal oriental culture glorified by Thai literature makes the show a stellar one. A young man named KAAN walks into a library and gets time transported to a fantasy world in a wired turn of events! KAAN represents the undying love for the adventure of a traveler, irrespective of the age limit. This fact alone can credit the KAAN show as a hit among the foreign tourists.

Much lauded among the teenagers and locals, the KAAN show is a blend of traditional theatrical practice. Use of high-end technical effects and camera work only exaggerates the impact and successfully garner viewers’ cheers!

The outstanding cast and crew of the KAAN show have 300 hardworking artists at the back-end, supporting a successful stage. The KAAN show project took prolonged 3 years to be designed, rehearsed, executed before it made the first public stage performance. Needless to say, the maiden performance earned the KAAN show numerous praises.

Click here to check price to the KAAN Show.

2. Stroll along the walking street

The Pattaya walking Street is active from 8 pm till midnight. The 2 KM stretch of road has often been compared as “Sin City of the East”. Bordering the Pattaya Coastline, the Walking Street of Pattaya has multiple dance bars, beer cafes, seafood joints, discs, massage parlors and much more.

An enthralling experience to any pleasure seeker, the Walking Street at Pattaya is best described as a sensory overload! Colors galore at every dance bar. From Desi style Mujra to striptease clubs (or so they name it), Pattaya walking street is ready to entertain a weary sailor.

However, it must be mentioned that a police car awaits at the entrance. The road is safe even for a solo traveler.

3. Revolving restaurant

At the heart of Pattaya, rises the Meridian hotel towards the sky which houses a state of the art dining place at its top. Not only the service and menu belong to the finest of the international hospitality brand, The Restaurant at the 54th floor lets you peek through the glass panes to the bustling Pattaya city lying down! Dining at the Revolving Restaurant Pattaya is no less than an exquisite experience!

4. Dance at many of the discotheque

Remember the Indian bride who went viral dancing on the Friday Night Song with her friends? She was dancing in Pattaya, by the mighty Andaman Sea.

Pattaya, the city sleeps delayed, making sure to soak at every moment of overflowing mirth and merry.

There are innumerable discs at the by-lanes of Pattaya where you can literally spend the night dancing away with the beloved or a new found friend! Drum beats, a good company will embrace you. All we advise you is to drink responsibly before you leave your seat.

While Walking Street has plenty of the discos, we suggest going to the by lanes next to Walking street for a surprisingly lower pocket pinch and a less heady crowd!

Have you been to Pattaya? What is your take on the nights activities in Pattaya? What did you do/love/recommend? We would love to hear!

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