Introduction to “POOP” Coffee

All about Coffee
Coffee is famous all over the world. Every one likes to cherish a cup of coffee at any time during the day. The reason behind this is coffee contains a small percent age of Caffeine which is a stimulating drug for humans. There is no wonder that even Vietnamese love coffee at all times of the day. The most famous among the Vietnamese coffee is Iced Coffee or Ca Phe Da(in Vietnamese language and translates to iced coffee).

What is POOP Coffee
The most unique coffee I discovered in Vietnam is the Weasel Coffee. What makes it different is that way it is produced. The coffee beans are fed to weasel along with banana. The weasel digests the banana while it cannot digest the coffee beans, it poops out the beans from behind. Then these special coffee beans are harvested and sold to you. This unique coffee is called Ca Phe Chon. Its quiet expensive and costs about 50,000 VND a cup, while the other coffee is just around 10,000 VND a cup.

Weasel Coffee Beans in Vietnam

Weasel Coffee Beans

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