Top 5 Best City Honeymoons You Should Consider

Honeymoons are one of the most sought after seasons for newly married couples. Celebrating honeymoons today has the same charm and romance as celebrating the marriage ceremony itself. What more can consummate the joy of newly married couples than spending their honeymoon season in romantic and captivating cities?

In this guide, we have listed the top 5 best cities you should consider for your upcoming honeymoon vacation with your partner. Make sure to bookmark this for future reference!

Classical romantic in Rome

Topping the list as always is found in the romance capital of the world, Italy. Italy’s capital, Rome, is home to landmark museums, theaters, and rustic restaurants. Though most tours in Rome are just inclusions of many European honeymoon packages, you can try spending a number of days in this city alone. 

Your honeymoon visit to Rome would not be complete without visiting Aroma, Raphael’s Terrace and Enoteca La Torre. These are some of the restaurants that serve sumptuous Italian food with the most romantic ambiance. 

Along the way, you and your partner shall feast on views of the classic Roman architecture like the Pantheon. The entrance to the Pantheon Roman temple is free, so you can enjoy sightseeing. Don’t forget to take pictures against the Pantheon fountain in the background. 

Wild escape in Las Vegas

City lights, neon shop signs, bars, street performers, casinos, restaurants, name it, and Las Vegas has it! A city with a booming heart, you can have almost every exciting thing you need for a perfect Las Vegas honeymoon escape

Visit the Fremont East district if your itinerary demands hopping in between bars and restaurants. Fermont East is famous for its shopping mall that was built from used shipping containers. A few miles from Fremont East, you can continue your honeymoon escape to the Arts District and the Antique Alley. 

Las Vegas is not just about the modern city tour. Few miles from the city, you can visit the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Walk the trails of the Red Rock Canyon and wad in the cool waters of Lake Mead. These are located in national parks around the area. 

Fun escapade in Hong Kong

When we say Hong Kong, we are saying a whole day spent in Disneyland located in the heart of the city! Yes, a honeymoon can be spent in a fun, adventurous way. Enjoy the exciting rides together and experience being kids at heart again.

At night, spend a romantic evening in each other’s embrace while watching the spectacular light and sound show in Victoria Harbour and Kowloon. The fireworks display in the night sky is every 8 PM, so make sure you include this activity in your honeymoon plans. 

Beach bumming in Valencia

Valencia, an old city in Spain, continues to be among the favorite destinations for honeymooning couples. Set against the perfect backdrop of beautiful beaches, you can actually get to have your beautiful Valencia seafront hotel, by the beach, during summertime. 

Popular beachfront hotels can be located in the Old Town palaces of Valencia. One of these is the Balandret Hotel which boasts of its cultural reception area with outstanding murals. The murals displayed in the hotel are the works of the famous Valencian artist, Joaquin Sorolla. 

Take a break from the beach and visit Valencia’s many architectural wonders like the Valencia Cathedral, Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas, The Lonja de la Seda, and the City of the Arts and Sciences. 

Enchanting getaway in Montreal

Stay in love with the enchanting beauty of Montreal with your partner! Located in Canada, Montreal is home to many wonderful places to check, both natural and modern. 

What adds to the thrill and excitement of this uncommon city getaway are the unusual modes of transportation that you can explore when going from place to place. Montreal has a complex subway system that connects to an underground city! Still not convinced? Drag your loved one to ride a bus in the narrow streets of Montreal’s old city and find yourselves driving into the water! Their unique buses are employed with both wheels for land and propellers for water. 

Montreal also houses several designers and boutique hotels located in Sherbrooke Streets and St. Catherine Street. These hotels are very stylish and elegant that you’d fight the urge to just stay in all day. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in for a classic honeymoon getaway or an adventurous one, make sure that you consider any of these top 5 cities. Your honeymoon vacation shall surely be one for the books!

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