Free things to do in Hong Kong

By the looks, Hong Kong is an expensive city. But there are fairly a good amount of places to visit and things to do for free in this groovy city.

Free things to do in Hong Kong

1. Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong pays tribute to the Hong Kong movie industry at Avenue of Stars. Located at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, along the Victoria Harbor, it is equivalent to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Top honors goes to the statue of Bruce Lee and the hand print of Jackie Chan.

2. A Symphony of Lights

Every night at 8 PM, the world’s largest light and sound show takes place in Hong Kong where laser lights from 44 buildings in Hong Kong on both sides of Victoria Harbor perform a synchronized show. If the narration is done in Chinese on a particular day, the next day narration would be done in English. The best place to view this show is from Avenue of Stars.

A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights

3. Avenue of Comic Stars

Not known to many people, Avenue of Comic Stars is a clone to Avenue of Stars featuring comic characters from comic stars and cartoon characters. Located in Kawloon park along the Nathan Road.

Avenue of Comic Stars

Avenue of Comic Stars

4. Hong Kong Trail

The best walking path in Hong Kong, HK Trail, provides breathtaking views of not only the skyline of Hong Kong island, but also the skyline on Kawloon side, on a clear day. The path starts at the Victoria Peak Tram station and takes about 60 minutes for a person walking at average speed.

Hong Kong's skyline viewed from Victoria  Peak

Hong Kong’s skyline viewed from Victoria Peak

5. Free entrance to museums on Wednesday

Plan your visit to the museums on Wednesday, as the doors are open for free on every Wednesday. The noteworthy museums are  Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Space Museum located on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

6. Visit the Big Buddha

Big Buddha statue located near the Ngong Ping village, is one of the famous attractions on the Lantau island. The 34 meter tall bronze Buddha is 268 steps away from the ground base and takes about five minutes to climb depending on the fitness level. The statue is surrounded by lush green forest and there is also a monastery at the base.

Big Buddha statue on Lantau Island

Big Buddha statue on Lantau Island

7. Spiritual Enlightenment at HK’s temples

All of Hong Kong’s temples are free to enter. One of the most beautiful and interesting is the Chi Lin Nunnery which is just a kangaroo’s hop from the Diamond Hill MTR. The the largest Buddhist complex in HK, it is surrounded by ponds, bougainvillea plants creates a mood of serenity.

If there are any other free things to do in Hong Kong, that were not mentioned here, post it in the comments.

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