Early morning walk to the temple, visit to the Kochi port and great Indian rope trick

Early Morning Visit To Lord Shiva Temple
As I wake up in the comforts of an air conditioned room, my mind is still yearning to find out the true nature of Kerala and why its called God’s own country. So I woke up around three in the morning to visit a Shiva temple near my hotel. It was a chilly morning while I pass by few closed store to reach the temple. Only then I discovered that the temple would be opened at five, so I then waited outside until it struck five. I had to remove my footwear outside the temple as it was tradition in all the temples of India. Slowly walking inside the temple I was hardly able to notice anyone as it was too early time. I took out my phone to capture the beauty of this old temple. As time passed on people started coming to the temple with a lot of devotion. As I entered the sanctum to take blessing from the Lord, an old lady comes to me and gently says me to remove my shirt (a tradition in most temples in Kerala, where men have to be topless). When I completed my rounds at the sanctum, I wanted to ask the old lady about why I had to remove the shirt, she was lost. Then it started raining heavily and people disappeared and I was left alone there. It was raining so hard that I had to take a tuk tuk back to my hotel though it was only five hundred meters away.

Lord Shiva Temple in Vytilla, Kochi

Fish Fry At The Kochi Port Canteen
As this trip was an industrial college tour, I had to visit the Kochi port along with the other students. The port lies on the man made Willingdon Island which is in the Arabian Sea. This port is one of the largest ports of India and a lot of export-import operations are carried over through this port. As I entered the port I had to surrender my camera to the security guards as it was strictly prohibited to take photographs at this place. There were a couple of guides who walked us through the post explaining about the history and operations of the port. After the visit was over, we had to have our lunch at the port canteen. The staff over there were very friendly and dint know any other language than Malayalam, but I had no problems communicating with them as I already caught few words. The female staff were playing naughty with me and every time I call one of them, they give a naughty smile and pass away. You can learn Malayalam easily through the interactive software available here. I ordered fish fry, egg curry and roti (Indian bread). I was expecting the traditional Kerala fish fry, though it was tasty I was disappointed as it was just a fish fried over coal. Overall the taste was good and very affordable (ninety Indian Rupees for the whole menu).

Wide angle view of Kochi port

The Great Indian Rope Trick
Then I had to attend the Coir Tech Expo at the Marine Drive where a magician performed the great Indian rope trick. Initially as I entered the arena the place was crowded and I had no idea what was happening. I rushed to the area where the performance is being done with my camera, but I had no way I could be able to capture the trick because of the crowd. But being a street smart kind of person I somehow managed myself to enter the front row and have a look at the stunning trick. There were also a lot of artists who were playing the local drums. The magician was dressed up as a snake charmer with a flute, who when blows the flute, the rope comes out of the basket like a snake. After the trick the public gathered all around him, lift him upon there shoulders and ran across the arena.

Magician performing The Great Indian Rope Trick

Local drummers at the event

A Ride In The Ferry At The Marine Drive
Since I was at the Marine Drive I decided to have  a ride in the ferry. A ride in a ferry is a must do for a tourist. The rate for person for a single seat in the ferry is fifty Indian Rupees and are fixed. There are many ferries which you can board but it does not make any difference. I would advice you to climb the one that is departing first. The trip would be about an hour with the local music being played. The small boat would take you into the waters of the Arabian Sea slowly but safely. After the ride is over I would advice you to visit the street market in the adjacent lane to the Marine Drive, to eat local food and shop at low prices.

Ferry that takes you into the sea

Last day at Kochi
This is my last day at Kochi as I am departing to Munnar the next morning. My search to find the true traditions and roots of Kerala culture remains unfulfilled.


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    looks like you had lots of fun….

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    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek provides an opportunity to explore the mountain tops, rhododendron, green forests and other characters too….

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    Amazing post. Showing the vast culture of Kerala

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