4 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Retirement Traveling

Most of us put ourselves through so much toil and labor as we plod along in life; for ourselves and our family, that we anticipate retirement as life’s ultimate saving grace. After enduring the drudgeries, it will not be considered as excesses if we celebrate it in fashion. Although a retirement party is inevitable because it is part of a tradition, but, c’mon it is your retirement, it is only rightful to celebrate retirement traveling.

Today, the trend is focused on staying healthy to achieve and provide the optimum bests in life, retirement is not an exception. With so much ado about health is wealth, and about travel as a means to gain optimum mental and physical health, you could be losing somewhat if you miss a travel opportunity when you retire.

The amazing ways to celebrate retirement traveling can be one, two or all the following;

Go on a Sailing Holiday around the Ionian Islands

Sailing Holiday In The Ionian Sea

If you want to celebrate retirement traveling, you could travel the Ionian Islands at your leisure which is a group of Greek islands in the Ionian Sea, often described as another world totally distinct from the typical atmosphere of Greece. These islands have a concoction of world class marinas right at the shore of their superb beaches complete with secure harbours, which many sailing enthusiasts love to talk about.

Not only the marinas that make these islands legendary as sailing destination, but also the enchanting view that magically unfolds, right at the edge of the Gulf of Patras. Although directly adjacent to the mainland, it has a distinct ambiance that totally its own. Popularly known in Greece as the Seven Islands, there are more of these shimmering, mystical emerald gems of the Ionian which many sailors had extoled in poetries for thousands of years.

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Paradise

island getaways for a perfect honeymoon - maldives

When you can afford it why not splurge? Although overwater bungalows are considered expensive getaways, the fact that these are available in some of the most enchanting parts of the world, mostly described as Paradise like the Maldives, Tahiti, Fiji & Bali. For a lot of people, the experience of staying in one is well worth the cost.

You don’t have to be a couple on your 50th or more wedding anniversary/retirement get away to enjoy overwater bungalows, you can enjoy it even travelling solo. There are some that offer single accommodations, and uhm, don’t forget those modern travel accessories to record your experience; a laptop, tablet, camera and the nifty drone.

In Tahiti there is Bora Bora and Moorea; Fiji has Likuliku Lagoon Resort, great for hiking tours of nearby villages and walking trails, island hopping and paddleboarding; Maldives where islands are tiny atolls great for privacy but are tricky to get into and out of.

Explore the Amazing Temples in Rajasthan‎

celebrate retirement traveling - india

You haven’t heard of Rajasthan? It is said to be the Jewel in India’s crown, as it’s state capital Jaipur sat at the apex of India’s Golden Triangle, the traveller’s survey on Indian icons. Although a desert state, there is plenty to do on a holiday to Rajasthan including seeing magical palaces along with epic forts, colourful festivals and enchanting wildlife that collectively personifies India at its finest.

Rajasthan was always a destination that tourists who want to visit other sites besides temples go to see. Although Rajasthan’s forts and palaces are closely similar to temples in architecture most tourists view them as refreshing diversions. 5 of the best temples in India though is at Rajasthan, and these can rival the majestic architecture of the palaces and forts. Making them not only holy places but also great architectural marvels. Rajasthan’s visually impressive temples are; The Temple of Dilwara, The Temple of Ranakpur, The Temple of Jain, The Temple of Galtaji and The Temple of Eklingji.

Write a Travel Memoir

celebrate retirement traveling - travel diary

Not all of us have had easy lives, even the successful ones. There is always a sad story or chapter which had brought us so down that will be inspiring to others. Putting pen to paper can be an interesting way to relive old memories, or if you are travelling then it can be a great way to document your journey. It could be anecdotes about your camping and hiking experience and the magical sights you’ve seen. Your first time manning a sail when you sailed with a friend.

If you have any ideas/suggestions about hot to celebrate retirement traveling, please let us know in the comments section below.

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