Bali Dynasty Resort & Appetizing Indian Food

The Bali Dynasty Resort is a premier, picturesque beach side resort in South Kuta Bali. Strategically located within walking distance of top-notch attractions like the Discovery Shopping Mall and Waterbom Park, the resort is renowned for its excellent facilities and warm Balinese hospitality.

At first sight, I was enthralled by the lush, exotic looks of the resort. It looked even more beautiful than it did in the photographs I had seen. Stepping inside, I found myself in the most gorgeous indoor space I’ve ever been. From the floors and rugs to the works of art on the wall, the lobby is a case study in meticulous design and arrangement. Their interior decorators must be really special people.

Checking in at the reception desk was a pleasant experience. The receptionist was warm and friendly and dispatched her duties briskly and efficiently.

Bali Dynasty Resort Exterior


The resort is located towards the beach in South Kuta and can be approached by the major street Jalan Kartika. It is built in the surroundings of the Discovery Kartika Plaza and Sun Island Hotel.

The Spa

The Bali Dynasty Resort has a special spa fondly named the “Asoka Spa”. I’ve never been a fan of spas but while at the Resort, I visited the spa. I was eager to try the complete range of treatments they offered: from the traditional Balinese massages to the signature Asoka massage. The Asoka massage is reputed to diminish the effects of jet lag, something I can confirm as it did exactly that for me.

The spa also offers professional manicures, pedicures and special hour-long facials.

I was totally impressed by their spa services and can proudly say that the spa was where I had some of my most memorable moments at the resort.

The Food

Bali Dynsaty Resort Food

The Bali Dynasty does not disappoint in the food department. It has 6 world-class restaurants around the premises. I admit that when I heard about them, I couldn’t help thinking that the number was a bit over the top.

Since I am a self-proclaimed explorer, I did what I do best – explore – and found that each of the restaurants is beautifully fitted after its own individual theme. On the practical side, each restaurant caters for different budgets so guests at the resort can partake in anything from casual dining to fine dining.

There’s so much variety across the 6 restaurants, it’s almost hard to handle. The cuisines include: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Irish and Western. You can also dine al fresco beside the pool or in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. The restaurants also cater for special dietary requirements as long as you inform them in advance. I am proudly non-vegetarian but I tried my hands on a vegetarian dish and found it was pretty tasty. Even their gluten-free meals were a delight.

The Queen’s of India

One of the more fancy restaurants located at the Bali Dynasty Resort is the Queen’s of India. The Queen’s is part of the oldest, most popular and most firmly-established Indian restaurant chains situated in Indonesia.

The Queen’s of India is located at the Bali Dynasty Resort and it is a grand sight, sitting at the main entrance to the hotel. The restaurant serves authentic, traditional Indian cuisine and meals don’t have to be ordered and eaten at the restaurant itself, room service is also available, accessible from the hotel’s room service menu.

Queens Tandoor Kuta

The restaurant is usually filled to capacity so you have to be a little patient. This is usually not a problem for they have friendly staff. The menu was quite extensive but I discovered two great items: their Hyderabadi Prawn and Kebab Platter.

The Queens of India restaurant is open from 12 noon to 11.30 PM daily and they cater for any event. This means that if you decide to hold any occasion at The Bali Dynasty Resort, you don’t have to sweat the catering; you only have to liaise with the management of the restaurant.

Other Facilities & Activities

The Resort has other fun facilities and activities like the Kids’ Club, the High Flyers Trapeze School, the Hospitality Lounge and 3 swimming pools.

The Kids’ Club, also known as the Kupu-Kupu Kiddies’ Club is a great facility to keep the kids occupied. I discovered it while looking to play a quick game of table tennis. Split into two areas that cater for young kids on one side and teenagers on the other, it is manned by professional and friendly staff. From toys to internet and video games, all young people will enjoy this club.

The High Flyers trapeze school is a place where guests pay a fee to learn some circus skills. There are trapeze classes for the adventurous folk and a circus workshop where participants learn object juggling, plate spinning and other activities that develop coordination. I am not so adventurous and simply stuck to bungee trampoline.

The Hospitality Lounge is The Resort’s solution to early arrivals and late checkouts. In such situations, guests can simply enjoy the luxury of the lounge which contains lockers, showers and changing rooms. Guess what? It’s totally free to in-house guests.

There are also 3 swimming pools. From the lazy pool to the adults-only pool, you can make your choice.

Bali Dynsaty Resort Facilities


Bali Dynasty Resort Room


The Bali Dynasty Resort is reasonably-priced and you’ll feel fulfilled at the end of your stay. You’ll get premium lodging, accommodation and relaxation while also getting the opportunity to learn craft-making and some new skills. Add that to free Wi-Fi and you have a great deal.

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