One of the most famous tourist destinations, especially this time around the year. UK is not only home to bustling cities in Europe like London, Manchester and Edinburgh but is also famous for its beautiful countryside and its iconic art and literary landscape. If you too are planning to head to the UK for a quick break sometime soon, here’s why you should consider opting for a UK travel Utility Saving Expert to secure your trip. One of the biggest reasons for doing so are, considering the expenses in UK. Besides the fact that you’ll have to be spending in pounds, UK in general comes with a very high cost in living so even something as small as emergency care or a visit to the doctor could cost you a lot of money! For example; a simple 10-minute visit to a General Physician in the UK can cost you a minimum of Rs 3,800! That’s why, with all the hundred things you’re already planning, it’s rather wise to plan for the unplanned too.

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To ease your hunt to look for a travel insurance online, we’ve picked the new age insurance company, Digit Insurance as a preferred choice since it’s not only extremely reasonable but, also comes with an array of unique benefits millennial’s like you would love!

Everything is online!
Probably the best part about Digit, is that it’s all digital! So, right from when you need to buy your travel insurance for UK to when you need to make claims in times of trouble, everything can easily be done online with their smartphone enabled processes.

Covers Adventure Sports
What’s a holiday without trying your hand at some thrilling sports activities? As for in UK, you have so many options depending on what time of the year you’re traveling in. Right from windsurfing, rock climbing and wake-boarding to skiing and ice skating, there’s so much to try out and lucky for you Digit travel insurance covers for it all- as long as you’re not taking up a full fledged professional course!

Missed-Call Facility
Nobody wants to make calls on a holiday, especially not when it’s going to cost you a bomb! That’s why in times of trouble, Digit instead lets you make a missed call and they’ll just call you back in a jiffy, so you don’t have to waste any extra pounds on international phone calls.

Covers Delayed Flights
We all know how common delayed flights are, and how frustrating it can get! While a lot of travel insurances online do cover for flight delays, Digit makes it different by automatically transferring money to you at the right time, so you can spend your extra time getting something to eat, grab a new book to read or anything else you’d like to do at the airport while you wait, the choice is yours, the money will already be in your hands!

Damages are sorted!
When you’re on holiday, a travel insurance will basically cover for all unfortunate situations that may arise. This could include small mishaps like delay in checked-in luggage, trip abandonment or cancellations to unforeseen damages like medical emergencies big and small. In fact, Digit’s travel insurance also covers for say car damages if you’re planning to rent a car to drive around the countryside and you run into an accident. The same will be covered for under their personal liability bond benefit.

Additionally, you can also cover your mobile phone with Digit Mobile Insurance. This will cover the accidental screen damage happening to your new or used mobile phone. This is a worldwide cover allowing you to travel around the world worry-free.

VIP Claims
Typically, insurance companies run away from claims but Digit’s different in this case. They happen so love claims and they settle them as quick as possible! All you need to do during mishaps big and small is, give them a missed call so they can call you back. Depending on your situation, all you’ll have to do is upload required documents and give your bank account details and you’ll be sorted!

Zero deductibles
The most important bit, your money! Unlike typical insurances, you need not pay any deductibles from your pocket during claims. Everything will be paid out from Digit themselves. After all, the last thing you want to do on a holiday is shell out some extra bucks and that’s why you’d even want to get a travel insurance in the first place!

All these 7 things put together, Digit travel insurance makes for a preferred choice that offers so much, at an exceptionally reasonable rate! For instance, if you’re going on a solo trip for 10-12 days, a travel insurance online for UK from India will only cost you about, Rs 540, which is less than what even a one-time meal would cost you in UK! Affordable, right? Now, make sure you get one before your travel date arrives and here’s wishing you a very happy holiday!

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Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

Karthik Reddy has been traveling around the world since completing his M.B.A in 2012. He is passionate about photography, trying out new food, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and explore places solo.

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    I am joining a UK university come September (2020) as per my study abroad plan. Is the insurance applicable to international students studying in the UK?

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