Will I ever fly on Malaysia Airlines?

It has been more than six weeks (from today i.e 16 April 2014), that flight MH 370 which was destined to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, left Kuala Lumpur on 8 March 2014, has mysteriously been missing since one hour after its departure. The sun has come and gone more than 40 times, but the plane is still to be found.

After the incident raises a question for all the potential travelers, that is traveling by air safe and is Malaysia Airlines safe? Before, saying that air travel is not safe read some facts.

  • the odds that a person will die with a heart disease is 1 in 476 (source for all the facts below, except the last one)
  • the odds that a person will die during in a road accident is 1 in 1656
  • the odds that a person will die due to an accident during walking is 1 in 54,538
  • the odds that a person will die due to alcohol is 1 in 150,681
  • the odds that a person will die while cycling is i in 340,845
  • the odds that a person will die due to assault by a firearm is 1 in 514,147
  • the odds that a person will die during a storm is 1 in 2 million
  • the odds that you will die in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million (source)

It’s clear that, a person is very very less likely to die during a plane crash than when he does his normal activities (like walking or cycling). So, its pretty clear that traveling on plane is a safe bet.


Malaysia Airline Crew Member. Photo Source

What about Malaysia Airlines?

Yes, Malaysia Airlines has a very excellent safety record and the last Malaysia Airline flight crash happened in 1995. It’s much safer than other carriers in Europe and America which has reported major incidents last year. Malaysia Airline has a five star rating on SkyTrax.

Have I ever flown Malaysia Airlines before? Will I fly with them again?

Yes, I used this airlines once when I was traveling from Phnom Penh to Hyderabad mid-March last year. They are a great airline and the best airlines experience I had so far. Though I do not like the food on flights, the food in this particular flight was tasty, service was more than satisfying, the entertainment system had a huge collection of movies & music and the quality of seats & the flight overall was top notch.

I also boast that Malaysia Airline is my favorite airline in past and also in the future. Without any doubt I would be with them flying again if I get the best fares.

Disclaimer – This post is my personal opinion and writing to show my love for Malaysia Airline. I have not been paid or compensated by anyone for making this post.

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