The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Working Voiceover Vacation

The voiceover job is one of the best options for anyone who wants to travel the world while earning an income. The potential to earn a full income is high which is why many people are starting a career as voiceover artists. But voiceover on vacation is not without its set of disadvantages. In this article, we are going to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the working voiceover vacation.


  • Doing voice overs while on vacation is a perfect way to make money and have fun at the same time. You do not need to compromise one for the other. With great time management skills, you can make out time to record voiceovers and communicate with your clients, and still have time for the beach. If you are travelling with family, nothing is stopping you from spending quality tie with them while you send your demo reels to  
  • One major benefit of doing voice overs on vacation is that you get to keep your clients. Unlike many jobs where you have to sign out from your desk and you can’t take any jobs, you do not run the risk of losing clients working voiceovers on vacation. Your clients are mostly unaware that you recorded the voiceover project while on vacation. 
  • You can check your emails and maintain communication with old and new clients who need your services. Even if it’s just to respond to inquiries and letting them know that you will be available in a few days, is a huge benefit.


  • It is more difficult to find a balance between work and vacation. You either think about recording voice overs while relaxing on the beach or thinking about all the fun you are missing because you have to record some voiceovers. However, some people have mastered the art of managing their time while on vacation. It is achievable, but it will take a lot of discipline.
  • Taking your equipment with you on a vacation is stressful. And it is not just about the weight. There is the added stress that comes with worrying about security and losing your equipment. In other cases, you might need to spend some money purchasing new equipment to travel with since the ones you use in your home studio may be bulky and cost more to transport. 
  • Finding the perfect spot to record voiceovers is sometimes frustrating especially when the city you are travelling to is densely populated. There is noise to deal with, and then you need to set up your makeshift studio which requires some DIY skills.  
  • Sometimes the internet turns out to be extremely poor and unusable even though the hotel advertised it as extremely fast. These are things you must deal with since you will be sharing your voiceovers with potential talent managers, agencies, and organisations. And without the internet, there isn’t much that you can. 
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