What happiness means to you?

Today, March 20 is celebrated as the International Day of Happiness. Wishing all my readers experience the best moments and things that make them immensely happy.

But what does happiness actually mean? And what what makes someone happy? To explore the truth, I asked my fellow travel bloggers what happiness means to them and they came up with some really interesting answers.

What happiness means to you

Susan Shain of Travel Junkette

“Happiness is freedom and love. The freedom to do what fulfills you and be who you are, and the love of all of life’s pleasures — like relationships, sunshine, and ice cream.”

Sabrina Iovino of Just One Way Ticket

“I’m happy to do the things I love and being surrounded by the people I care the most. Happiness has nothing to do with money. Freedom is happiness.”

Laurence Norah of Finding The Universe

“Happiness is a day without plans, where the best things happen with the people I love, ideally involving a warm beach with cold beer at some point.”

David Webb of Across And Abroad

“Happiness is being content with your accomplishments, your surroundings and your life-direction — but not so content that it overwhelms all ambition. Curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and experience and a desire for self-improvement are important parts of the happiness equation as well.”

Cameron Wears of Traveling Canucks

“Happiness is being able to fully appreciate each and every moment. Every thing you do has the ability to make you smile, you just need to be open to your surroundings. Life moves fast, so it’s important to slow down and embrace the little things. ”

Brendan van Son of Brendan’s Adventures

“Happiness to me is simple, it means being able to live the life I want. We often take for granted the ability to live out our dreams. If you’re able to have the strength, courage, and means to chase your dreams, that’s happiness.”

Agness Walewinder of eTampering

“Happiness is just ignoring the whole world for a day, a week or a month and going on an adventure together. No plan, no expectations, no possessions, just travel.”

Agness Walewinder of eTampering

Christy Woodrow of Ordinary Traveler

“To me, happiness means having the freedom to live your life by your own rules and not conforming to what society believes to be true. I’m the happiest when I don’t let life overwhelm me and when I look for the positives in every situation.”

Theodora Sutcliffe of Escape Artists

“That’s a difficult question. Happiness is freedom, and the purposeful pursuit of a good life that does no harm and is full of love, both given and received.”

Shannon O’Donnell of A Little Adrift

“Happiness is the choice to see the good in the world, and the decision to look around each day and have enough. It is a state of being, not a single goal in life. It’s is the part of life that lays underneath the choices we make each day and the way we choose to approach our circumstances. ”

Nora Dunn of The Professional Hobo

“It’s a state of being. It’s in those moments when we can just let go and enjoy the moment for what it is – nothing more, nothing less. To truly be present for a gorgeous sunrise, or (despite the cliche) to dance like nobody is watching. To sing because it feels good. ”

Nick Dariece of Goats on The Road

“Happiness is strongly influenced by my level of freedom. Freedom to spend my time with who I want to. Freedom to be where I want and do what I want, when I want. Happiness to me is being surrounded by people you love and filling your life with love, joy and adventure.”

But what does happiness mean to me?

For me happiness means to have a life with no strings attached. I want to be where I want to be and who I want to be. As Aristotle said “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” So, lets all be happy without any regrets.

From what fellow travel bloggers said, its obvious that happiness means a different thing to each person and something that cannot be universally defined.

And what does happiness mean to you? Post it in the comments section below.

Photo Source – https://www.flickr.com/photos/camdiluv/4441155157/

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  1. Agness says:

    Thank you for including me here. Really appreciate that. I totally agree with Laurence about Happiness being a day without plans :)!

  2. Lily Lau says:

    Look at all those wise opinions! I think happiness now means something more to me, thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  3. Nikita says:

    Thank you for sharing…. Keep sharing.

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