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Traveling brings with it some of the most amazing experiences but it can also be a bittersweet affair because you also stand to lose or misplace some of your priced possessions every now and then. There are very few situations in which the loss of certain items matters a bean in the long term, however, in the short term, losing something as important . personalized gifts like your wallet or purse, a handbag or your phone, most importantly, your precious passport can really mess things up for you. While life still goes on after losing these things, but if you are fearful of losing your stuff while traveling you can either accept the transience of material things or take the appropriate precautions. In comes the Urby passport holder.

urby passport holder

It is important to be organized, especially if you are a frequent traveler. You also need to protect yourself from losing vital documents and a travel accessory such as the Urby passport holder does a good job at achieving that. You can store your passports and the important travel documents in one nifty leather organizer which comes neatly packed in a black box and enclosed within small cotton canvas drawstring pouch.

At a glance, the quality of the passport holder looks elegant, which tells you that it’s a premium product made with one of the finest quality of genuine leather and professional artistry. Imagine a scenario where you have a few layovers while traveling and you have to deal with boarding passes, train tickets, travel papers, identity cards, bank cards, cash and much more. In such a case, you want a seamless ability to show your documents without having to rummage through your entire bag or removing them from the holder. The ideal passport holder should be able to accommodate all of your traveling documents and most importantly, keep them safe and intact.

The classy Urby passport holder is the perfect travel companion because not only can it be personalized by having either your name, initials or funny taglines inked on it, but it also unisex and comes in different colors, patterns and designs to choose from. While the exterior is sturdy, the interior has a superb feel to it as it’s made from super soft suede and includes a passport slot, a cash slot, three quick access slots that can fit credit cards, ID cards, as well as a sizable back slot that can hold document, receipts, notes, tickets, etc.

The best thing about this passport holder is that it comes with a one-year craftsmanship and material guarantee, and in the unlikely event it suffers a little wear and tear, (within the first 12 months) the company can carry out free repair jobs. They also offer free delivery for purchases over Rs.500 or more and a 15-day no question asked return policy on all its products. It’s important to note that Urby is a direct-to-customer travel accessory brand that eliminates the complexities of middlemen and sells directly to its clients to ensure that the products they get are of high-quality and at a reasonable price.

If you are ready to travel stress-free, rummage-free, in style, all while keeping all your precious documents safe and intact, then the Urby passport holder should be your next purchase. It also makes a fantastic gift for your friends and loved ones.

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