Ultimate Thailand experiences you should do before 25

Thailand is a magnet for tourism, as it appeals to any type of traveler. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, an educational experience, or just a good party, Thailand has it all, which makes Thailand a must-see destination.

Bask in the Sun on the Exotic Beaches
Everyone needs to relax, and what better way to do that than lounging around on the beautiful beaches of the Thai islands. On my visit, I went to Koh Phi Phi Island, which was like a little slice of paradise. The karst mountains stretched hundreds of feet above, while the crystal blue water crashed up against the mountain base. The white, sandy beaches were so warm and inviting that I couldn’t help but sit and gaze out into the Sea. The islands are a great way to escape the fast paced city life of Bangkok, and Koh Phi Phi is just one of several beautiful islands that Thailand has to offer.

A beach in Krabi

Go to a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan
The Full Moon Party is the real party, and is known for attracting thousands from all over the world. It’s an all-night party on Haad Rin beach on the island of Koh Phangan. The party occurs monthly, and attracts approximately 20, 000 – 30, 000 youths and young adults. Full Moon party in Koh Phangan package deals include accommodation, ferry transfers and party paraphernalia (glow in the dark clothing), and alcohol. If you’re an avid party-goer, this is the place for you!

Take a Ride in a Flashy Tuk-Tuk to Khao San Road
You haven’t experience Bangkok until you’ve taken a ride in a tuk-tuk. Decked with flashing lights, metallic beads and colorful linens that line the seats, these vehicles are icons of the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit in one of these at night and inch your way through the Bangkok gridlock – it’s a great way to see the city! Another rite of passage in Bangkok is Khao San Road. This is the pulse of the city and the place to be for nightlife. Take a stroll down this road and experience the chaos. Vendors who sell anything and everything line the streets – from knock-off designers to laptops to fake identification cards – if you want it, they have it! If you’re more of a party person, head to one of the night clubs for some cheap drinks and enough music bass to pound your ear drums into next week.

Experience the Tribal Culture in the North
For travelers who like to go off the beaten path, a homestay in a tribal village is ideal. Travel to the remote villages of northern Thailand and stay in the modest home of a family in a tribal village. Not only do they welcome visitors with open arms, but they also provide a unique and educational experience.

Hike in the Jungle and be one with the Wildlife
Looking for adventure or something physically challenging? Try a three hour hike through the jungle in Chiang Mai, followed by an overnight stay at an elephant camp. Intrigued? So was I. Eager to play with the elephants, I booked a 2 days/1 night tour. The first day involved visiting a butterfly conservatory, followed by shopping at the local market for food to cook at camp. Our guide took us off-roading in the tuk-tuk (if you can even imagine such a thing) as we headed towards the foot of a mountain to start our hike. Although it was three hours long, up a mountain, and in the sweltering heat, the hike was fantastic. We tiptoed through the rice paddies, hopped from rock to rock to cross the ravines, swung from vine like monkeys, and climbed a very steep incline in the mud. I was about to pass out when we reached our destination, but came back to life when I saw the elephants. I climbed up a ladder and perched myself on top of the elephant expecting a smooth ride because they were ever so graceful. The elephant took one step and I felt my body jerk all directions. Nevertheless, I held on tight and took in the sights as we stomped through the jungle – a once in a lifetime experience!

Needless to say, holidays in Thailand offers a very wide variety of unique experiences for every traveler.

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