Soak In The Pleasure Of Fine Wines Of Chile

The remote wilderness of Chile is the perfect gateway for the wine enthusiasts who want to indulge in the fine grape produce of best of both the worlds. A diverse climatic topography has endowed Chile with lush beautiful natural resources.

There is warmth of cool maritime to the chill of sub-continental in different geography. This allows grape to grow and ripe exactly to the needed consistency to be further processed into beautiful finesse of aromatic sparkling spirit. Most of the wineries of Chile are situated near the capital, Santiago. Hence a day tour to one of the wineries does count as a luxury retreat for the wine connoisseur.

Following are a list of best of the wine tours in Chile, curated with style and guest experience. The small groups ensure impeccable and personalized services. You can also opt for customization as and when you require.

Vina Santa Rita

A quick bus ride from Santiago, for around 45 minutes, will help you land in the exquisite vineyard of Vina Santa Rita. The vineyards adorn the foothill zone of Alto Jahuel in Buin. Amazing scenic beauty, lush green jungle surrounds the winery. The Santa Rita wines are made keeping in mind the cultural heritage and tradition of Chile.

If interested, guests can take part in one of the wine making events. You will be imparted with knowledge of historical development of the region and heritage of wine making in the area. This place is a heaven for gourmet lover for every wine tasting session is essentially accompanied with the best of cheese, astronomical delights and many more.

Kingston Vineyards

You can visit Kingstone Family Vineyards to learn more about wine tourism in Chile. The family has a legacy of five generation into winery right from the beginning of early 20th century. Located in the western hills of Chile’s Casablanca Valley near the mighty Pacific Ocean, the winery has time-tasted expertise in leveraging California viticulture and wine making procedure to discover the potential of Chilean landmass.

Along with tasting wine, we recommend you to take a shot at the famed Pisco sour, a unique cocktail from those grapes. Kingston serves the best of gifting option by allowing you to ship multiple wine bottles across the globe. The winery is housed in a farm, old styled and immensely romantic. A tour to the vineyard is certainly worth a memorable experience.

Montes Wines

Montes Winery enjoy a world famous stature of wine making for it not only takes care of its vineyard but also places paramount emphasis on sustainable wine making procedure. The estate is located near Santa Cruz, practically acting as a musing escape for wine-lovers of the city and global travelers alike. With a wide array of choices for selected Red wine, Montes Winery does serve the best of culinary assortment in every wine tasting session.

We recommend the Montes Alpha red wine, one of the wonders of meticulous wine making process. This Santa Cruz Winery has invested considerably to use state of art equipment to ensure an unhindered wine making experience and has promoted responsible business ethics by taking care of the community. We strongly recommend you to witness the spectacular sunset from the foothill where the winery is situated. The view is indeed worth your time.

Viu Manent

The estate of Viu Manent wines organizes one of the major luxury wine tours in Chile and is situated in Colchagua valley. An ideal tour in the winery takes you for an estate visit in traditional horse driven carriage. The winery, vineyards, cellars and “La Llaveria” visiting center in the Colchagua Valley all of them are present to transcend you back to days of yore.

Unveil the history of the visiting center “La Llavería”, with ample time, learning history and marveling at the Chilean style of architecture. Wine tasting happens by the vat and the reserved wines are served at La Llavería. A Viu Mament Malbec from the estate appears to be the perfect gift item in my opinion.

The wineries in Chile listed are at par with the wineries of Napa Valley if not better. There is added advantage of remote location that allows serenity as well as tranquil experience.

A holiday in the lap of nature with abundance of different red, rose, white & sparkling wine and the best of gourmet collection is all you need to rejuvenate.

Not only that, you can also take a sneak peek into the amazing cultural heritage the Chilean have preserved through millennia.

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