Island Holidays In Greece – Sailing Destinations That Awaits You

Greece is a well known sailing paradise and a sailor’s dream because of the thousands of its islands. Unlimited choices, hidden gems scattered all over the Aegean and the Ionian Seas await you to discover them. Top destinations for sailing island holidays in Greece not only include very well known islands but also places that even the locals often ignore. Let’s find out some of the best options for your dreamy sailing holidays in Greece.

The Cosmopolitan Mykonos

mykonos - sailing holidays in greece

Probably the most known summer destination in Europe and the party capital of the world. Mykonos will amaze you from the very first minutes that you’ll arrive on the island. Natural beauty? Check! Some of the best beaches in Greece? Check! Crystal clear waters of the Aegean? Check! Unparalleled cuisine and nightlife? Also check!

After you harbor at the marina, also known as New Port of Mykonos, start your exploration from the Chora, the town of Mykonos. Lose yourself in the countless little stena (paved alleys) and after a while end up in Kato Mili, a postcard looking hill with a row of seven windmills, probably the most known landmark of the island. Then, walk to the little Venice quarter where the waves literally crush on the picturesque buildings. After the sunset, walk through the busy streets of Matogiannia and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the countless cafes that this island has to offer.

If you are looking for an ideal destination for your crewed yacht charter in Greece, look no more. Mykonos is THE place to be this summer!

Breathtaking Santorini

santorini - island holidays in greece

What can anyone say about this island’s majestic landscapes in Greece and breathtaking sunset? Santorini is on anyone’s bucket list and the reasons are obvious.

Arriving in Santorini by the sea is a sight to behold and a memory that you’ll keep for a very, very long time. The raw landscape of the brown-red cliffs with the little whitewashed houses on the top will leave you in awe. The marina of Vlichada will offer protection from the Aegean summer winds. After you leave the yacht to explore the inland, you’ll have to choose from beautiful dark sand beaches, unique sunsets in Fira and Oia, the ancient buried city of Akrotiri, amazing local food and excellent wine from the world famous Santorini vineyards.

Wild Folegandros

folegandros - destinations in greece

This small island that you probably haven’t ever heard of, will offer you one of the most unique and authentic experiences. If you don’t like big crowds and places that have lost their true identity due to over-tourism, Folegandros is one of the best options for crewed sailing island holidays in Greece.

After you anchor in Karavostasi, the port of Folegandros, visit one of the island’s incredible beaches and take a long swim. Either with golden sand or small little pebbles, all beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and if you choose one that is only accessible by boat and you are lucky enough too, there is a good chance to have the beach just for you! After a delicious lunch break in one of the many taverns of the island, head up to Chora.

Chora is the capital of the island and is built on a sheer cliff. Explore the unique Cycladic architecture and the remains of the medieval town where you enter through a roofed passage. End up at the church of Panagia, at the top of the cliff where you can enjoy one of the most jaw dropping views of the Aegean archipelago.

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