How To Date A Air Hostess

When it comes to finding the perfect mate, there are few women out there who can match the level of companionship that an air hostess is able to provide. An air hostess makes for a great partner, as their beauty and intelligence is only rivaled by their ability to take care of a person and provide them with a maximum level of comfort.

Being an air hostess is all about having patience and what quality could be more important in a burgeoning relationship? Let’s face it: our significant others tend to get on our nerves from time to time, especially once the honeymoon phase has passed.

Air hostesses are well versed in the art of taking care of people. They are ready, willing and able to tend to the needs of their passengers and this is not a switch that merely gets turned off once they are at home. It is an ingrained part of their personality and when this quality is applied to a relationship, all parties involved benefit immensely.

So Why Should You Date An Air Hostess?

It’s Not Difficult

Some men are intimidated by the prospect of approaching an air hostess and asking for a date. They see her life as being a nonstop whirlwind of foreign trips and exotic locales and wonder how they can possibly compete with her day to day reality.

Their life may seem very exciting to the outside observer who does not know any better, but in reality, the job is not nearly as glamorous as it may seem.

Their Lives Are Not As Easy As You Think

While those who wish to date an air hostess may believe that they have to compete with their fancy, jet setting existence in order to stand out, most air hostesses are not looking for someone to replicate their day to day existence.

Their lives are not as easy as you may think, as they typically work long hours in physically taxing conditions and lead a very lonesome existence. It is not a profession that tends to lend itself to meeting people. The pay is also low and most air hostesses are not in search of a sugar daddy.

They are happy with their chosen life and are looking for someone to enhance their existence, not become the be all end all. This comes as a major relief to those who are worried about their ability to impress an air hostess.

They’d Rather Date Outside Of Their Profession

There is a common misconception when it comes to the dating habits of air hostesses, as many men make the mistake of assuming that they wish to date a pilot or a fellow crew member.

This could not be further from the truth and the majority of air hostesses would prefer not to mix business with pleasure if at all possible. Most of us would rather not date someone who is in the same profession as we are and suffice it to say, air hostesses are no different in this regard.

How to meet air hostesses and get in contact

Meeting a cabin crew may have seemed obvious, there are certain ways to go about this task that can maximize your ability to make the right first impression.

An air hostess does not have time to waste during a flight, they have a cabin full of passengers to attend to. In order to make a lasting impact on the air hostess who has caught your eye, you’ll want to make sure that every second you have with them counts.

Don’t Be Shy

Air hostesses are masters of conversation (especially small talk) and there is no reason to be afraid of approaching them. Women always appreciate being approached in a confident manner and air hostesses are certainly no different. You don’t need to be shy about calling them, but knowing the difference between persistence and irritation is crucial.

If you call an air hostess over to your seat, make sure that you have a genuine issue that needs to be dealt with. Nothing will turn her off more quickly than a passenger who is wasting her valuable time with nonexistent problems.

I myself am able to trade on my profession as a travel blogger in order to start a conversation and if you also work in an industry that is related to travel in some way, this can serve as a phenomenal way to break the ice. I just tell them that I am in the process of writing a story about life of cabin crew members for my blog and hand over my card so that we are able to stay in touch later.

How To Maintain A Relationship

So lets say you have met the air hostess of your dreams, successfully broken the ice and been able to start a relationship. Maintaining a connection with someone who is constantly traveling can be difficult, but thanks to modern technological advances, it has never been easier to maintain a . Some of the best ways to stay in touch include:

Video Chatting

Video chatting is the closest substitute to physically being in the same room together that you will find. When you have a solid rapport with an air hostess, conversing over video chat seems like a breeze and it will help to ease the loneliness that the two of you feel without one another.

Pay Them a Surprise Visit

When you have been dating an air hostess for a few months and you’ve developed the sort of connection that makes being apart for significant lengths of time increasingly difficult, you can plan a surprise visit to sweep her off her feet. When an air hostess has been in transit for a long period of time and has begun to miss her significant other, a surprise visit can mean more than words ever could.

Plan a Couple Trip

While paying her a surprise visit is a major treat, she will certainly appreciate you taking the time to plan a couples trip together. Maybe you’ll be able to find time to whisk her away when she has a few days off from work or perhaps you can meet her at one of the more romantic locales that she is visiting.

Additional Dating Tips

Be Yourself

This piece of advice may seem cliche, but cliches tend to endure for one very good reason: their inherent truth. You do not need to dramatically alter who you are as a person to impress an air hostess, as they have the ability to sniff out a liar from a mile away. They spend too much time in the public sphere dealing with people to be swayed by a person who is acting less than genuine.

Avoid Pick Up Lines

There is always a definitive line between confidence and cockiness, and those who use pick up lines in an effort to impress the pretty air hostess are typically on the wrong side of it. When you are speaking with an air hostess, there is nothing wrong being flirty or even humorous, but be sure to remain respectful at all times if you want her to take your advances even remotely seriously.

Don’t Forget To Wine and Dine

If you are courting an air hostess and your idea of a romantic evening together involves the words “Netflix and chill“, this is a sure sign that you will need to mend your ways immediately. You do not have to spend heavily to pursue an air hostess, but being able to wine and dine from time to time helps. After all, since you will not be spending every waking moment together, you are going to want to make sure that the moments you do have together are truly special. Jobless couch potatoes need not apply.

Dating an air hostess may be a unique challenge, but it is not without its rewards. If you follow the aforementioned tips and keep your initial approach fun and respectful, you stand a great chance of meeting the woman of your dreams. The next time an attractive, friendly and courteous air hostess catches your eye, don’t be shy. She is looking for the right companion, too.

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    very good input

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    That was cool tips bro.

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    this is so true. i just took a trip to asiia.. what a reputuable airlines in qatar..long hours on a plane round trip… With so beautiful hostess..Her name been Katar,, she was so much fun an attentive.. I know i put her to think , with my words to her.i hope i can communicate with looking for you on facebook… you are also looking for me. see you soon

  5. Ronen says:

    Having been successfully remote dating an air hostess from a totally different culture to my own I can testify to the advice given here. There is one more thing I would add. Don’t look to date an air hostess because she is an air hostess. She is a person and the connection has to be with the person not the job.

    When I asked my now 1 month dating air hostess for her number it was because we connected as people.

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