Holiday Destinations in Europe with a Fascinating History

Europe is truly rich in cultural developments which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the historical destinations in Europe to the fullest. What makes Europe a fascinating destination are the artists, artisans, philosophers, doctors, inventors and other notable personalities in the history of arts, science and culture who all have made important contributions, in addition to archaeological remains of ancient cities and communities found around these regions.

historical destinations in europe - prague

Civilization, at the very start could have begun developing during the middle ages within the territories that comprises Europe today. Archaeology accounts for the evidences with the high number of relics found around these regions. Ancient temples, colosseums, castles, palaces, tombs and other ancient architectures were unearthed or are found in many countries that is part of modern Europe.

The history of Europe is truly enriched by countless cultural developments contributed by artists, artisans, philosophers, doctors, inventors and other notable personalities, in addition to the physical evidences we can see and touch. All these make Europe a fascinating place, especially the places where these events took place and where these remains are found.

The following popular historical destinations in Europe received increasing number of visitors each year, see what they can offer.


historical destinations in europe - pompeii

Pompeii is an ancient Roman city in the Campania region of Italy, that was frozen in time when the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79 buried it in ashes and pumice. Rediscovered by archaeologists around mid-18th century, it is has now risen from the ashes to become a haunt for archaeologists and treasure hunters.

Lately, it accounts for one of several historical destinations in Europe favored by tourists who are seeking self-validation through an immersion into the cultural developments of the world.  The place with its unique ambiance of disaster and ruins, is a living reminder of the greatest tragedies that humans can endure. Stark and haunting, the magnificence of the unearthed remains is a concrete validation on an era of gaiety and abundance that is long gone. Tourists can freely explore the excavated streets and houses, which are perfectly preserved ruins of everything Pompeii authorities can preserve.


historical destinations in europe - tuscany

A region of Italy, Tuscany has a treasure trove of the world’s most famous and revered Renaissance art and architecture; works by Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo basilica including Michelangelo’s “David”.

Historically, Tuscany is rich in artistic legacy, and it’s influence on high culture is significant. Famous for its landscapes, traditions and history it is also known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Tuscany was home to influential figures in the world’s history of art and science, and to the well-known Uffizi museum and the Pitti Palace.

Tuscany’s landscapes include the Apennine Mountains, which raw rugged beauty highlights the diverse natural countryside extending around for miles. Most holiday rentals in Tuscany have stunning views over surrounding fields, farmhouses and villages. Be sure to spend some time exploring the olive groves and vineyards of Chianti.


historical destinations in europe - sussex

Sussex, is one of the popular historical destinations in Europe located in a rural county and world renowned for its English Channel seaside resorts. There is Brighton with its long shingle beach with an amusement pier.

The history of Sussex dates to 500,000 years ago, evidenced by artifacts that archaeologists had unearthed around the region. A fossil of a Homo heidelbergensis said to be oldest human fossil discovered, tools thought to be 35,000 years old and other remains that are said to be from the Bronze Age and Iron Age were just a few of the presented evidences.

Modern day Sussex is composed of West Sussex in the south of England and East Sussex in the east. Places mostly frequented by tourists are old houses, castles, and museums. In West Sussex the cathedral city of Chichester, which is its only city, is also its county town. With a history so rich that dates to the Roman times, Chichester played an important role in Anglo-Saxon times. It is worth spending a few days here to allow for time to properly explore, there are plenty of accommodation options in Chichester, staying in a B&B will allow you to chat with the owner about the best places to visit in the local area.

Today traditional organisations still operate under the two modern ceremonial government of Sussex, the Diocese of Chichester one of them, in addition to the Sussex Archaeological Society, the Sussex History Society, the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Sussex Police.


historical destinations in europe - Dordogne

Lascaux, is strategically located in the innermost recesses of one of Vezere Valley caves in Dordogne, France. Acclaimed as the cradle of human art it is filled with Stone Age art. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in France, declared as such for its impressive collection of wall paintings numbering more than 500, that dates back around 20, 000 years ago. Wall and ceiling paintings matched fossils of large animals found by archaeologists around the area over the past centuries.

Today the wall and ceiling paintings are damaged. It was opened to the public and the carbon dioxide released by visitors wrought havoc to the paintings.

Lascaux II, was meticulously set up as a faithful reproduction of the cave. It was created with the same exact techniques and pigments used in the original Lascaux. It is where visitors and tourists are taken to today. The paintings are said to be detailed records of ancient history of the Cro Magnon people.


historical destinations in europe - prague

The largest city in the Czech Republic, also the country’s capital city is one of the historical destinations in Europe. Prague’s rich history encompass the old part of Prague, which is known as the Praha. Buildings and monuments dating back several centuries can be found in the Praha. One, the Strahov Monastery established in 1149, another one the Staronova Synagoga constructed in 1270, in addition to the Prague Castle world’s oldest and largest castle, can all be found in the Praha. This part of Prague was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

The city was founded during the Romanesque era and was a flourishing city during the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras. Historically Prague was the capital of the kingdom of Bohemia and was the home of ancient Holy Roman Emperors. As the seat of the highest officials of the Roman Empire, it had played important roles during many wars, including both world wars.

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