Top 5 Must Experience Festivals Of Wayanad With Family

Wayanad is a diverse state filled with an equally varied demography. This means that there are many different festivals celebrated here, ensuring there is something fun happening throughout the year. They are some of the most colorful festivals of Wayanad.

The following festivals of Wayanad are celebrated with great enthusiasm & grandeur and must be experienced by you at least once in your lifetime.

festivals of wayanad


This is Kerala’s version of the New Year. It is celebrated in April every year, on the date, which is the first day of a brand new year according to the Malayalam calendar. The main highlight of this festival is the ’Kani-Kanal’ ceremony, which involves the head of the house who sees the Kani that is offered to Lord Krishna, followed by which everyone else gets a glimpse of it. It is a day when elders bless the young ones.


A ten-day festival in the honor of King Mahabali, a mythological character in Kerala history, who is said to have reigned during the state’s golden era. It is Kerala’s most iconic festival and is a great way to introduce your kids to the state’s culture and traditions. Celebrating this festival is one of the must-experience things to do in Wayanad.


It is a light festival that is celebrated in households. Each village organizes a fire, in which all useless items are burnt and each family takes a ’chootu’ leaf from the fire to their home. Each house glitters with the light emanating from burning diyas, meaning you get to see gorgeous sights all around!


Celebrated in the month of ’Kumbam,’ which falls between February and March, it is the remembrance day of when Lord Shiva swallowed poison to save the world from destruction. All the Shiva temples in the region celebrate this festival with much gusto and it is a great way to teach your kids about mythology.

Asthami Rohini

Celebrated sometime between August and September, this festival marks Lord Krishna’s birthday. You can visit the region’s Krishna temples in Kerala to enjoy the festivities and experience the various cultural shows put up.

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