Top 5 Dishes To Binge On During The Festival of Colors – Holi

Celebrated to welcome the onset of spring, Holi signifies new beginnings. As the cold subsides and the freshness of spring starts to spread joy, people, especially in the northern part of India, express their happiness by celebrating Holi. The mere word ‘Holi’ evokes images of joyous people soaked in color and memories of catchy tunes in one’s mind. Like every Indian festival, Holi also offers the opportunity of relishing mouth-watering delicacies. When you are planning to travel with family to any holiday destination in India during Holi, try to binge on the dishes to try during Holi, found in all popular places to visit with kids. Your little ones will surely love all these dishes.

dishes to try during holi - kulfi

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Here I list out the 5 dishes to try during Holi.

Gujiya – Gujiya or sweet dumpling is one dish that every Indian can recognize. It is made with slight differences pertaining to the region, but you can’t categorize it as a solely north or south Indian dish. A specialty of Holi, gujiya in the north is stuffed with dry fruits and mawa. A truly remarkable dish, gujiya is inherently associated with Holi, so binge on this treat on your family holiday!

Malpua – Syrupy, sweet, and absolutely delectable—malpua is a Holi favorite. Made with rice flour in Odisha and West Bengal and with aata or maida (all-purpose flour) in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan, this dish is what will take you to a sweet heaven. So, unleash the foodie in you on your family vacation during Holi and fill yourself up with some malpuas.

Thandai – How many Bollywood movies have you seen where thandai featured in the Holi scene? You are right, all of them. Thandai is to Holi as crackers are to Diwali. Originating from the streets of Benaras, this cool drink is perfect to wash down all those deep-fried delicacies. Make sure you try thandai on your family holiday this Holi.

Kulfi – A dessert made from condensed milk, kulfi is a quintessential Holi delicacy. Umpteen versions of this one dish are available and each of them is liked by anyone with a sweet tooth. Made primarily on the day of Holi, kulfi is widely available across many holiday destinations in India. Since Holi falls in the season of spring, indulging in this cool dessert is definitely a great idea!

Kaju Barfi – Also called kaju katli in some parts of the nation, kaju barfi is a diamond-shaped sweet. Easily available across India, this Holi sweet is made with cashew paste, ghee, sugar, and other flavoring agents such as saffron or cardamom. Its silver-foiled top makes kaju barfi look like a piece of art. Gorge on these delicate pieces of happiness on Holi; family vacations are about being a little carefree after all.

Did I miss out on any of the dishes to try during Holi? Let me know in the comments section below.

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