How To Spot Bad Restaurants During Your Travels

One of the major things that you need to be constantly on a look out for while travelling is good places to eat and spot bad restaurants. While many new destinations have several great food joints there are those that select few places to eat. Health while travelling is a major concern as no one wants to willingly put themselves at risk to diseases by eating at a shoddy place. You can also to know about its importance.

spot bad restaurants

Here are some great tips to spot bad restaurants so that you might as well avoid such places.

Unkempt Interiors – A great way to recognize a poor restaurant experience is to immediately notice how the interiors of the place are. Now, some small joints can be cluttered but still serve good food and service though if the interiors are dingy and reek badly then the most advisable thing to do would be to leave immediately.

Not Being Greeted By Staff – Almost all good restaurants make it a point to greet guests and make sure they are seated and attended to. If you walk into a restaurant and no one acknowledges you then chances are the rest of the experience will be pretty bad as well. Not being greeted is a reflection of poor business etiquette and that would surely affect other services as well.

Inattentive Waiter – For a restaurant, a potential patron means everything and it is important to heed their needs immediately. Even in a jam-packed restaurant, a waiter needs to acknowledge new guests and assure them that someone would be there to take their order soon. If that does not happen and waiters instead ignore you then avoid that place.

Dirty Washrooms – It is always advisable to check out the washrooms of the restaurant you are having your food in. A dirty washroom should be enough to ring warning bells about the kind of restaurant you are in. Hygiene in the restaurant also shows the way your food will be handled and if there is no soap or water in the washrooms, chances are nobody in the kitchen is too keen on cleanliness too.

Unclean Drinking Water  – If the waiter offers you water to drink and something about the water is not right then that is a major sign of it being a pretty bad restaurant. The water might not necessarily have a bug in it but it could be something else which would make the water smelly or dirty.

Filthy Cutlery – Another important thing to notice at any new place is the sort of cutlery that you are being served food in. If the dishes or the salt or anything on the table is unclean and filthy then that’s good enough reason to never dine at that place. This is a reflection of how much effort the restaurant puts in order to assure proper hygiene.

Credit Cards Not Accepted – Now a lot of small joints do not accept credit cards and that makes sense. Though, if a restaurant is a fairly good one but does not accept credit cards and nor does make it obvious in the beginning that it is a cash only place then that is a major peeve. The whole eating experience gets ruined if you have to suddenly rush in order to get money from the nearest ATM.

The Food Is Gross – Now, this major one deserves to be on the list of signs to spot a bad restaurant. Food is an essential as far as health while travelling is concerned. So, if the food that is served is under-cooked, overcooked or is of inadequate proportion then that it is a strong reason to ditch that restaurant forever.

These are some of the signs to spot bad restaurants, that you need to be on a lookout for while dining at any new place.

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Karthik Reddy has been traveling around the world since completing his M.B.A in 2012. He is passionate about photography, trying out new food, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and explore places solo.

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    Bad resturant gives bad times and illness during the journey

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