Best Wildlife Holidays for Solo Travelers

It might sound kind of a lonely or boring experience to go on a holiday alone. However, we all get that feeling of having some ‘me time’ once in a while. It seems more exciting to go on holiday with friends or families, but it is probably more fulfilling to travel alone. it gives you the chance to rediscover yourself with no one in sight to judge you.

So, if you are looking to take a solo holiday or you are naturally a lone wolf, here are amazing wildlife holidays perfect for solo traveling.


Vietnam offers volunteer programs to solo travelers who teach English and explore the local area during their time off.  The country has several educational programs that allow foreigners to volunteer to teach young adults and children the English language. But, it is not all about teaching, Vietnam has amazing wildlife and during your time off you can get to visit the many national parks and game reserves. If you are lucky you could also get the once in a lifetime elephant ride.


Africa is rich in safari destinations perfect for solo travelers. Kenya is one of the countries that is top of the safari destinations in Africa. The country has many game reserves, including the famous Masai Mara where the annual wild beast migration takes place. If it is a business holiday that might get you held up in the city, don’t worry because the east African country is home to the only wildlife park located within a city. You could take a Kenyan safari tour after work and go park to your hotel in the evening.


Iceland is another ultimate solo holiday destination. It has incredible scenery unique only to the region and provides you with the chance to immerse yourself into the wilds and connect yourself with nature. The locals are friendly and the crime rate is almost inexistent. Safety is guaranteed.

The isolation of the island is perfect for some time off and gives your mind and body peace and rest while the landscape takes control of your soul. whether it is in the hot springs in Vatnsfjorour fjord or in the hidden valley located below Eyjafjallajokull volcano you are sure to find inner peace in the amazing wildlife in Iceland.


Your solo itinerary can also be sorted in Borneo. The country is home to the endangered Orangutan. The area is perfect for solo travelers on conservation volunteering programs. Here, you can visit the Sun Bear Conservation Center, the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center while meeting the friendly villagers who will engage you in a Sabah dance; you can also hike through the deep forests where you will see much exotic wildlife including some of the most unique bird species.

Borneo is a dream solo travel destination.


Australia, home to the most unique wildlife, is a travel destination one would want to visit. There are many conservation programs in the country that aim to protect the unique wildlife from human conflict, civilization, illegal poaching, and trafficking. And with the recent wildfires that scorched big parts of the country, it might be the perfect time to go and help out while exploring the wildlife.

As you can see, solo traveling can be fulfilling, and there are many destinations spread across the world that provide the perfect environment for the lone wolfs. Take some ‘me time’ in one of these destinations, and you will surely not regret it. 

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