3 Places for Breakfast in Madrid with Your Sweetheart

In Madrid, people definitely know much about good food. For breakfast, you will be offered a varied gastronomic map, in which a significant place is given to fresh-baked goods and coffee. At 7 am, when the city begins to wake up and the heat is not so big yet, the Metropolitan streets are filled with the aroma of bread and hot croissants, which attract you and do not allow to pass by the cozy bakeries.

Despite the variety of coffee shops, most places are famous for the standard Iberian breakfast. It consists of toast with butter and tomatoes, a croissant (or any other baking), coffee and orange juice. Together with Romance compass, let’s talk about places which are full of the local people in the morning and which are worth visiting with your sweetheart.


This is a Spanish cafes network, which offers an extensive breakfast menu. You may not worry about quality: bread and pastries are cooked directly in the coffee house. That provides these incredible smells of cakes, chocolate, and cinnamon, stretching from the cafe all over the street.

In the interior decoration of this place, you will meet with a tradition, combined with a modern design. The whole network is located in the center but does not pass by the biggest coffee shop, located opposite Puerta de Alcala, where in the warm time there is a beautiful terrace overlooking the Royal Park.

Mediterranean breakfast is served here very generously: big portions with different types of bread and high-grade ham. Just try it!

Cereal Hunters

Madrid, like its locals, is a great dandy. Here you will find many places with traditional cuisine and even more with something modern and interesting. These include a small Cereal Hunters cafe, which opened recently. Nevertheless, there is a big queue.

Be sure, a long waiting is worth it! The menu includes flakes from around the world, as well as milk of familiar and unfamiliar tastes. The price of a large plate will not exceed 5 €. In this case, you can mix different flakes, add sweet topping, cookies and pour chocolate on it, vanilla or any other milk. Let your imagination run wild in creating your own breakfast!


If you ask the indigenous people where can you find the most delicious pastries, they will undoubtedly tell you about the Mallorca network, one of the oldest in Madrid. This place is a shop-cafe-bakery: pre-ordered cakes are taken here, business people meet here for breakfast or lunch, tourists come here for aromatic coffee and a wide variety of bocadillos (bocadillos are baguettes with fillings: ham, cheese, fish, vegetables).

This amazing variety of croissants is an embarrassment of riches, and it will be difficult to resist the temptation to buy something for yourself.
Arriving in the Spanish capital, spend the morning correctly. Have delicious unhurried breakfast with your sweetheart, and your tourist day will surely be wonderful!

Several Little Pieces Of Advice

Forget the words “cappuccino” and “latte”. In the average Spanish coffee shops, you will be misunderstood and offered a regular espresso, coffee with milk or coffee with ice.

If you like sweets, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying an espresso with condensed milk, which is called simply and sonically – “bombon”.

Please note that many breakfast offerings consist of coffee and croissant, however you can choose any other pastries. Its variety will win all the sweet tooth!

Local people are unlikely to take coffee to go. It’s not about Spain. Madrid people know how to enjoy life and at the same time not to be in a hurry. If you want to enjoy the country to the fullest, take an example from the local people and make time for breakfast with your sweetheart.

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