Why is food so tasteless in airplanes and why you cannot close the window shutters during take off and landing?

It is true that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Strange things keep running through our minds when you have no activity to do. This especially holds true when you are on long flights. When there is not much to do physically, we keep wondering all kinds of things. Recently when I was on a long flight in Malaysia a few strange questions struck my mind during my journey.

Why is the food so tasteless in airplanes?
Though the services are very good in most of the airliners, one thing that no one like about them are the food that they serve. Despite the fact airliners advertise themselves that they serve very high quality and tasty food, no one agrees. Well in fact airlines serve some of the best food and employs master chefs to cook the food. Then why the food is so bland? Yea, the food tastes bland though it is made from high quality ingredients and by master chefs. The reason goes to science. When you are at very high altitudes your taste buds do not work efficiently like when you are on lower altitudes. How much ever the tasty the food is cooked, when you are on a flight at high altitude everything tastes bland.

Passenger view from an airplane

Passenger’s view from an airplane

Why you cannot close the window shutters during take off and landing?
When the flight was about to land the attendant comes and asks me to open the window shutter. With out any question I obeyed her and open it. But I was questioning myself why do I have to open the window shutter during take off and landing though I could close it during the course of the flight. Then immediately after I got off the flight and entered the terminal, I make a call to my friend who was an ex flight attendant. She explains me that, the flight is very huge and the pilot cannot observe each and every corner of the flight. It is during take off or landing that the flight is more prone to accident or fire. What does this have to do with window shutters? Then she carries on and explain that, the only people who can see the engines and other rear parts are the passengers. So from a passenger point of view, if they see something wrong outside the airplane, then they can alert the air crew. It is just a safety measure that if more eyes are watching the airplane, then spotting of any potential danger is faster.

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  1. anubhav says:

    Nice information about flight
    Thank you for your information I am also trying to know the reason behind this

  2. AG says:

    I agree, but I just keep it pushing and looking out the window for the beautiful views. That makes it worth it.

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