Why I Do Not Look Beyond Agoda or Booking.com For Booking Hotels?

Agoda is a reputed online hotel reservation platform, gaining high momentum in popular tourist destinations across the globe with best value for money. As a subsidiary of by Priceline Group, Agoda has come across miles from the starting point, a small but efficient hotel aggregator for Thailand to more than 1.5 million hotels worldwide this date. Priceline group also owns the travel booking giants like booking.com & KAYAK and has been providing explorer with an excellent array of choices among upscale and budget friendly travel options for ages.

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Best Price Among All Online Hotel Booking Agents

This happened when I was planning one of those sacrosanct trips to South East Asia. One fine evening, I was “shopping around” just to ensure I pay the best price for the best place for the stay. Meanwhile, I must mention, I plan my whole travel itinerary with substantial amount of research and invest good time in it. The experience adds up to building excitement before the travel.

That said, I happened to zero down few of the options. To much of my dismay, I found the prices on the hotel’s website were more expensive than the price shown on Agoda which was one of the top ranked sites. To sum it up, the same room with similar view and lot of services can be availed through Agoda at a cheaper rate. The best value services I must say.

I must confess I tried multiple permutations and combinations to establish my new found wisdom. The cheapest price across all the cities at any point of time was invariably being shown on Agoda. And my loyal tryst with Agoda started post that! I urge you to compare on platforms like Expedia and Hotels.com. More often than not, you will happily agree with me.

Huge Inventory Of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments

Agoda is the market leader when it comes to hotel rooms. At the last moment, even during a rush season, I have tried Agoda and found available hotel rooms. They were exactly what I liked. A coveted room inventory like this is much acclaimed by a mad like me.

Agoda’s Loyalty Program – Agoda Rewards

They have a spectacular incentive system for loyal customers like me. With every 1 USD I spend with them, I acquire 20 Agoda points. When I collect 12,500 points, I can earn a credit of USD 25. Agoda’s credit system serves as the cherry on top on the range of services, as you can pay in your desired currency without worrying about those high currency exchange fees.

Earning Frequent Flyer Miles Through Points Max

And if you thought that is all, think again! For Agoda has recently tied up with multiple airlines, thus helping you acquire frequent flyer miles as well when booking hotels from this platform.

Refer to Agoda Points Max page for more details. As a loyal British Airways customer, I am collecting the Point Max points on BA Executive Club.

Why I Sometimes Use Booking.com?

If you ever find it difficult to find a suitable choice in Agoda and eventually want to explore more of options for stay, I recommend Booking.com. From the same house of business as Agoda, Booking.com differs in the manner that it only lets the hotel get money directly. So, you do not pay online. You pay when you are at the hotel, after you have stayed and experienced their service.

In case of a cancellation in the plan, thus you will never have to pay a penalty for cancellation. Booking.com of features a wide range of hotel option, featuring every budget and across the globe.

Booking.com Friend Referral Program

I have also experienced the Booking.com enhanced rewards policy. So for every friend you refer with Booking.com, upon using the unique code you provide, post a successful holiday transaction, Booking.com will credit your account with INR 700 as a goodwill gesture. Is not that incredible? If you are outside India, you will be credited in other currency depending on your location.

And you, what is your favorite hotel reservation platform? Let me know what is your thought on this!

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