Picks of the week – June 24

Every week are are selecting some helpful and informative posts related to travel from the web world, that we feel will make your travel better. We browse through hundreds of websites and carefully filter, to bring the best for you. Here are this weeks Picks Of The Week.

Travel Posts Of The Week

How to Avoid Bank Fees When Traveling – MaiTravelSite.com

You are back after your memorable holiday and check your bank statement only to find out that the bank has levied all kinds of transactions fees and charges on your overseas bills. They may include ATM Fees when you withdraw money from an ATM outside your country, Foreign Currency Exchange fees and to top it all the exchange rates are very low.

5 Adrenaline-Filled Adventures in Maui – GoBackpacking.com

When someone thinks of Hawaii, they only figure out only the beaches. But there are activities packed with adventures in Maui. Adventure activities like stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling alongside with the sharks, ziplining and hiking the volcanic landscapes the top honors among the adventure travelers.

5 Must-Visit Casinos in Las Vegas – Waegook-Tom.com

A visit is Las Vegas would be a shame without visiting the casinos. But with so many options available it is a bit confusing to decide which one to go to. Tom makes the job easy for us and makes a countdown to the top casinos in Vegas.

Is Israel Safe To Visit? Is Tel Aviv Safe? – TravelsOfAdam.com

Many people have doubts regarding the security for travelers in Israel because of the conflict with Palestine. All this aside, the city of Tel Aviv comes with modern buildings and flashy beach resorts. Adam has been to Israel four times, sometimes just after some major conflict. Read the post to see how safe is Israel for traveling.

Ten airports you must book a window seat for – VelvetEscape.com

The common question that you hear when you check in to an aircraft –  isle or window seat? Some people are fans of window seats to enjoy the views of earth thousands of  feet away, while some others want to be seated in the isle. Whether you like a window seat or an isle, here are ten airports you must book a window seat for.

Travel Photo Of The Week

Every week atleast one post from ThePlanetD grabs my attention and I keep selecting it as picks of the week. This time, the travel photo of the week comes from them. They publish amazing photos from Slovenia, the hidden gem. The following picture is the Church of the Assumption in Bled. More pictures from Slovenia.

Church of the Assumption in Bled in Slovenia

Travel Video Of The Week

Located in the Himalayas, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. This amazing time lapse video of this majestic mountain is our video of the week.

If you want your post or picture or a video to make it on our picks of the week,  leave a comment with the link on this page or contact me or tweet me the link at @romancingplanet.

Travel Inspiration Of The Week

This week to inspire you to pack the bag and travel, we post an beautiful video by made Malaysian Airlines – Journeys Are Made By The People You Travel With. This is not a regular column.

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