Learn to cook Lao cuisine in Luang Prabang

They say enjoying food in Luang Prabang style is an experience not to be missed. Traditional dishes from this region combine the Lao taste for subtle, sweet, sour and salty flavors but are lighter and use less chilli than some other Asian cuisines. The variety of delicacies that are unique to Luang Prabang include savory mousses, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves, hand made sausages, piquant dips and exotic stews.

Tamnak Lao restaurant specializes in Luang Prabang cuisine and is run by a local family with 12 years experince catering to foreign as well as Lao guests. The restaurant itself is housed in a carefully restored colonial peiod building on the peninsula in the center of the town.

Dish belonging to the Lao cuinse

Dish belonging to the Lao cuinse

Guests at Tamnak Lao can also learn from their chefs how to prepare authentic Lao dishes at the cooking school and ofcourse, after the class, enjoy the food they have cooked.

Daily class includes a market tour and demonstration of sticky rice, jeowbong and 7 delicious Lao dishes. You cook 2 dishes for lunch. Afternoon 5 dishes demonstrated – you taste and you choose 3 dishes to cook and eat with the sticky rice and jeowbong. The cost is US Dollar 30 per person.

Evening class demonstrates sticky rice, jeowbong and 4 dishes you taste and you choose 2 to cook and eat with the sticky rice and jeowbong for your evening meal. The cost is US Dollar 20 per person.

Both classes include a 12 recipe cook book.

Address :
Sakkarine Road, Ban Watsene,
Luang Prabang, Lao, P.D.R
Telephone: (+856) 71 252525, (+856) 71 212239
Mobile: 020 55516437

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