Exotic Honeymoon Destinations In India

With many luxurious and exotic honeymoon destinations in India, makes the subcontinent a land of wonder. The amazing people and their amazing hospitality will soothe you immensely as the spicy treats from the neighborhood street vendor have taken you for a ride earlier the day!

honeymoon destinations in india

From the royal elixir of Rajasthan’s palatial palaces to the wilderness of Sundarbans’s mangrove forest, from the Snow capped Himalayas to the empty desserts; India will leave you spoilt for choices.

A honeymoon for the newly married needs to be special, loaded with activities and exotic honeymoon experiences for you shall live to tell the tale to your grandchildren. Let India transform you into a storyteller, with plethora of experiences on offer.

Here are five honeymoon destinations in India to consider after your wedding in India.


Shikara at Dal Lake, Srinagar Kashmir by Mohamad Hilmi Osman on 500px.com

With cheap airline tickets now you can directly fly into the paradise that Kashmir is one of the most sort after honeymoon destinations in India. The 12 hour journey from Jammu to Srinagar is undoubtedly scenic but can be tiring. While in Srinagar, indulge in a day’s stay or two in Dal Lake. Live like a local in the houseboats. The shikara rides are rightly accounted as unique experience. You can shop some of the finest woolen embroidery stuff from the sellers on the Dal Lake. Relish the Gustabas and soak in the Kashmiriyat, the hospitable nature of the valley.


On the way to the Rumtek monastery by Sasank on 500px.com

Sikkim’s capital is a gem of a place when it comes to the road less explored, from the mountains of North East India. A gateway to the snowcapped mountain peak and icy lakes, Gangtok. Do not forget to spend some time in the cafes that play the best of Western Classical music. Also gorge on the best pork momos of the country.


Magical Monsoon @ Coorg by Manjith Babu on 500px.com

Gone are the days, people would have sworn by the name of Ooty. Nilgiris ranges is all set to mesmerize you with a new destination, Coorg. A hill station of Karnataka, Coorg is sparsely populated, practices distinct culture (look up for the way women here wear the traditional sari) and specializes in Coorgie pork curry. Multiple Coorg resorts hosts the weary travelers across seasons, with the choicest of local fine gourmet food and spices freshly sourced from the sprawling land adjoined.


Gullys of Jodhpur by Suraaj Parab on 500px.com

Famously named as the Pink City, Jaipur is a pretty little town of Rajasthan gleaming in regal elegance. Visit Jodhpur from the city of Delhi (only 4 hours drive), secure a stay with few of the best hospitality provider, visit the villages nearby to experience cultural extravaganza, shop for local colorful Bandhni specialty saris or dress materials and do save a day to visit the nearby forts. The Rajput forts are one of a kind and evokes awe till date.


God's own country by Samsuddha Majumder on 500px.com

The serpentine backwaters will open up a world unknown as you venture into the interiors of Kumarkom. This tiny town of Kerala is literally afloat on water. Beautiful sunset and sunrise will fill up with day with ethereal bliss. The town houses few best of the resorts brands. The days go on in complete relaxing mode, from the shore as various exotic bird species sing to you.

It is quite a challenge to pinpoint few places of grandeur from India while the huge landmass is full of wonderful destinations. We tried to jot down the best of them basis on popularity however here are many other landscapes in the country, set to enthrall you.

The nuptial days will see romance soaring up as you set on a journey to explore India’s exotic destination. In case you have traveled to any of them feel free to suggest us in the comment section. Stay with us as we explore more from this great country, diverse across the expanse, be it culture or geography.

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Madhurima Chakraborty

A full time management professional with wanderlust driven soul, Madhurima finds solace in writing as much as exploring new places. A resident of Bangalore, she has essence of Kolkata flowing in her blood. She wants to tick off traveling all the countries of the world, tasting best of sea food from around the globe and collecting a wardrobe full of saris.

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  1. Jainendra Singh says:

    Wow! I got the wonderful destinations for honeymoon vacations. Coorg is an amazing place in India and I want to travel here to see the beauty of nature.

  2. Wild Earth Safari says:

    Nice Post! I have found that Srinagar is the best honeymoon destination in India. Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Next Travellia says:

    Great destination you suggested for honeymoon in india and these are amazing palce to visit in india. Coorg is my favorite destination and other places are also good to enjoy.

  4. Vacation Travel says:

    Indeed, these are the top tourism destinations and as well as mostly choosen by the newly wedded couple. Thanks for sharing this post. People of India and out side this country wants to visit and wants to spend some time in grabing the beauty of these cities.

  5. Travelr Network says:

    Amazing places, some I have visited and some I wannt to visit, this is really the post which is worth reading. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Sandy D says:

    Yes; I love Coorg!
    I been to coorg this 31st December with my friends and I would like to go their for my honeymoon toooooo!
    For me this 31st was greatest of all. I was in best company of mine ( My best buddies for life), Spent best time in recent years, had best class food, treks, and trails in the vicinity of best resort in coorg. I later come to know that actually that is chosen as Best resort for honeymoon in coorg by TripAdvisor.
    We had great fun in party pools, had awesome open space barbecue where we just enjoyed a lot.

  7. Kerala Packages says:

    Kerala is the best place for enjoying honeymoon. There are the lot of places like hill station, beaches, backwater, metro cities and etc where they can enjoy. According to me the best honeymoon place is Kerala. Thank you for this information.

  8. Harsh Singh says:

    Though all the places listed here has their own beauty and various reasons for a newly wed couple to spend time in, I would say Kumarakom and Coorg are the finest among honeymoon destinations in India. The weather and overall environment of both the places are so blissfully rich that it makes the perfect destination spot. With India being a land of various points of interest and tourist spots it is really challenging to pick few from them as mentioned by you.

  9. Sudhakr says:

    Great destination you suggested for honeymoon in India and these are amazing place to visit in India.

  10. Ashish Juyal says:

    wonderfully written, thanks for such a wonderful story and information.

  11. Manjit Singh says:

    Great blog post article and the perspective is impressive. Your details and perception are unique as a traveler. I will follow your journey.

  12. Honeymoon Bug says:

    Nice Post! I have found that Coorg is the best honeymoon destination in India. Thanks for sharing this article.

  13. Pari says:

    Your images are really beautiful and I really liked them. Thanks for the information

  14. Rajasthan on Wheel Tours says:

    Nice Blog.. but i think you have probably missed the venice of east in India. Yes bro i am talking about “Udaipur”. Great history and blend of traditional and modern culture makes it perfect destination for Honeymoon. Here you’ll also find the best place for hangout with our loved one. btw nice and great post. Keep it up

  15. Ethangil More says:

    Hey. I love your work.

  16. denial james says:

    Amazing blog with great information. Thanks, dear for sharing this amazing blog with us and keep it up  

  17. MS.Ngoc says:

    Very good article, lots of useful knowledge. I would like to thank the author for writing and sharing this article.

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