5 Things To Know About The Blue Cave Tour From Split

A vacation to Split is highly recommended as you not only get to explore the city but the most popular attractions near the surrounding area. Taking an organized tour down to the Blue Cave is something you do not want to miss as it has become one of the most popular island day tours from Split. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable local tour guide that will help you explore nearby areas. There are several islands you pass through on the way to Bisevo and on your way back you stop on almost each one of them to experience the whole beauty of the region. After you visit one of the most striking locations in the world, food, wine and more amazing sights await further down the line of the tour.

blue cave in croatia
Aerial view of the Blue Cave. By toni.krstulovic on Shutterstock.

5 islands in one day

  • Bisevo; home to the Blue Cave, is the first stop on the tour. It is the most remote inhabited island of Croatia, composed of limestone, and five kilometers south of Vis island. It is well known to local fisherman and has a population of 15 people.
  • Vis; Visit Stiniva Beach that has been voted most beautiful beach in Europe. See the flawlessly formed white pebble cove with towering cliffs that has just a small opening that leads out to the sea. The clear blue sea and deep natural bay reveal itself right before your eyes.
  • Budikovac; Enjoy the quietness and beauty of this distant island which is a representation of everything Dalmatian. The untouched nature and clear blue sea are perfect for swimming and snorkeling and if you’re lucky underwater pictures with the fish under the sea. So, take a deep breath and enjoy exploring the blue lagoon!
  • Paklinski; If this day wasn’t already magical enough, you will get to explore a group of islands. Located here are the top naturists sandy beaches where you can beach bum it while smelling various exotic plants. Relax and enjoy your free time exploring or grabbing a bite of Croatian cuisine.
  • Hvar; To complete the day, the lively and sunniest island, rich with cultural heritage. Plenty of historical sites, beaches and bars, as well as restaurants. Visit the fortress overlooking the town and snap your social media worthy pictures. This city will surely keep you entertained so manage time wisely!

Distance from Split to the Blue Cave

Blue cave on island Bisevo is the main attraction of this tour, but because it is almost the most distant from Split heading towards Italy, it can only be done on fast speedboats. A speedboat ride takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Split. Keep in mind that the channel between Vis and Bisevo is one of the most exposed crossings in the Adriatic and even on calmer days the sea will still be rougher as it is exposed to all winds. Once arriving to the Blue Cave only official boats from the island can enter the cave as it is protected, and entry limited. The entire tour lasts close to 11 hours.

Blue Cave details

Also known as the Blue Grotto, the Blue Cave is a stunning natural treasure well-known for the mesmerizing blue light. The cave has become such a mecca that it is highly recommended to choose a tour that has the cave ticket already included in the tour. During high season the line for an entry ticket is a minimum of 30 minutes and can extend to 3 hours. Leave it to the tour manager to get the tickets and enjoy the astonishing scenery. It is also recommended to take an earlier tour, so you don’t arrive at the exact time window when it is most crowded. Ideally, the best time to visit the cave is between 11 am and noon. The approach to the cave is only possible by boat. It is 18 meters long, 6 meters deep and 6 meters high. When entering the cave, the sunlight hits the sea surface through an opening on the vault and fills the space at a certain time of day with inviting clear waters. The whole interior is wrapped with a layer of shimmering blue and turquoise colors as the fluorescent light reflects off the water and the sand in the bottom of the cave. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in the cave, but it is still worth seeing the magic in real life. Pictures can be taken.

History of Blue Cave

The wave action of the sea was how the cave was formed, as sea water wore out the limestone rock of which the entire island of Bisevo is composed. On August 7, 1884, Baron Ransonnet published in the Vienna newspaper “Neue Freie Presse” an article about the discovery of the Blue Cave. Shortly after 1885, in Komiža, this encouraged 100 members of the Vienna Tourist Association to visit the cave. It is the first organized tourist visit to this tourist attraction in Dalmatia. In the history of Dalmatian tourism, this is a very important date which was also the beginning of tourism on the island of Vis. Opened to the public since 1884 when an artificial entrance was built above the sea surface to allow small boats to sail in. Before this time the cave was only accessible by diving. It is located on the east side of the island Bisevo. The cave has two openings, one is smaller, the one artificially deepened through which the boat can pass, while the second opening is like a vault and much wider, on the south side of the cave below the sea level.

Is the Blue Cave bucket-list worthy?

The Blue Cave tour truly delivers real insight into all the beauties of Split islands and central Dalmatia. You will be sure to have the best part of your vacation on the action-filled speedboat tour. So, sit back, relax and spend a full day at sea and visit some of the most beautiful Croatian islands and testify to the natural phenomenon of the Blue Cave. You can read about it and look at the pictures all you like, but it just doesn’t do it justice if it isn’t experienced for yourself. It just might be the most incredible experience of your life.

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