Best Graffiti Cities In The World

Graffiti and boulevard art make a city come alive. Some of the best graffiti cities in the world reflect its spirit and culture. Some of the artists with their special graffiti supplies have made the world their canvas. Moreover, this eminent form of public art indisputably fascinates not just photography lovers and art enthusiasts, but almost anyone visiting or living in the city.

Earlier what was considered unlawful, now the cities are adopting a more supportive and liberal approach towards all forms of street art. While visiting these enthralling and artistic cities, you can hop along the streets and go camera crazy with such fascinating street art around the world.

We have chosen a few of the best graffiti cities that are among the best for descrying street art around the world.

Best Graffiti Cities In The World

New York, U.S.A

The hub of street art, it is every painters dream to contribute their share to this global city. New York is the cultural centre of the world. It is no news that the latest trends, styles and genres originates from this land and the world follows. Brooklyn’s Bushwick, Hunts Point in Bronx, Manhattan’s Chelsea and Harlem’s Graffiti Hall of Fame are few of the most exemplary graffiti spots here.

London, U.K

London as a city has a huge urban art movement. It brings so many diverse and talented citified artists to its streets. The walls in East London specially are emblazoned with creative street art all year round.

The South Bank, Brixton and Walthamstow, graffiti walls have caught our attention. You can also go on the hunt for matchless pieces of street art in and around North London. The multi-coloured artworks in Camden and graffiti filling Leake Street Tunnel near Waterloo are hidden gems for the street art lovers.

Mexico City

From Mexican murals to religious graffiti and historically noteworthy installations, the Mexican capital offers varied styles of street art. The ‘All City Canvas’ venture started in 2012 in Mexico City. Since then, it brings together internationally renowned artists and has been one of the world’s most important street art festivals.

The global style street art of Condesa and La Roma, the vivacious graffiti of Xochimilco that can be reconnoitered on rafts and the Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexico are highly admired for its captivating artworks on the outside and inside.

Los Angeles, California

With high fashion glamour, celebrity lifestyle and Hollywood industry, Los Angeles also has a robust and sprightly graffiti art scene. Art encompasses far outside the silver screen and moves in the underground making it one of the best graffiti cities in the world.

The decade-long prohibition on public art was lifted in the recent years here. That in turn led to revitalisation of its street art tradition. The must see artwork in this city includes graffiti at the Arts District, Culver City, La Brea Boulevard and Melrose Avenue.

Melbourne, Australia

This town is apparently the graffiti capital in Australia. Melbourne has one of the most vibrant and exciting street art scenes in the world. Its vibrantly painted buildings, arcades and streets display a unique blend of established and indigenous cultures.

Explore the city on your feet to discover its many art-laden corners and alleys. The much celebrated sprightly artworks can be spotted at the Bourke Street, Union Street and Hosier Lane.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, art is all around you. Gaudi’s architecture and Picasso’s masterpieces are evidence enough that the city has a creative streak. To add to your artistic experience, you can also stay at the Graffiti Hostel. Here, the rooms are ornamented with incredible graffiti art and is named after European cities or local places of Barcelona.

Visit the Three Chimneys urban park. It is the city’s only purpose-built graffiti park. Apart from that, El Borne and El Raval neighbourhoods, the Gothic Quarter and Poble Nou are the city’s most famous graffiti landmarks.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has some unmissable graffiti spots. The very popular Lennon Wall for instance in Grand Priory Square aided as an outlet for political artworks and opinions in 1980’s during the Communist rule. The wall since then has been painted over and over again with inspirational quotes and stanzas from the Beatles’ songs.

Besides that, artwork at the Tesnov, Vitezné námesti and at the Vltavská Metro Station are some of the must check out graffiti spots here.

Delhi, India

Besides being a cosmopolitan city that is famous for its architectural inheritance, rich history and multi-ethnic identity, Delhi has now also arose as the street art hub of India. It contributes greatly towards being one of the best graffiti cities in the world.

The Indian capital has in recent times undergone a facelift owing to the public art events and organizations. They have converted public spaces and walls into vibrant large-scale murals. These iconic public art hotspots include The Lodhi Colony Area, Shankar Market and Govindpuri Metro Station.

Which city would you start your street art tour with?

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  1. Eric Gamble says:

    Great list of cities with Graffiti around the world. However, I would add Cardiff, Wales and New Orleans, Louisiana USA to that list. When we were in Cardiff there was amazing street art everywhere especially in the old town along the canal.
    I am a little biased with New Orleans since I live here but post hurricane Katrina great graffiti artists came to paint their story along with the story of rebirth here in New Orleans. In fact there are several hidden Banksy street murals hidden throughout the city here!

  2. Arlen Cedrick says:

    I totally agree with the cities you have mentioned above and the Graffiti you will find in these cities is so satisfying and amazing.But among all cities New York and Los Angeles leads the chart from the front.

  3. bharat veer says:

    Travelling is the best teacher for human being.

  4. Srees tours says:

    I have visited Louisiana,USA and I watch these types of Graffiti over there. I have pictures of graffiti and its my pleasure if i can share it here. Thank you Romancing planet for this post.

  5. I have been travelling for past two years mainly on trekking and hyped asian cities. This seemed very interesting … will try in my next trip.

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    Most of the European countries have dedicated streets to exhibit street art which transforms the streets into delight way. This list might help in photography expediter .

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    This is the best travel tips I ever read. I love traveling too.

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