3 Activities Show Siem Reap’s Nightlife Is Not Just The Pub Street

Siem Reap is the quintessential gateway to Angkor Wat. The small quaint town allows explorer to marvel at the sight of ancient temple complex, starting from the dawn with a mesmerizing sunrise. However at night descends, the travelers come back to their temporary abode. The only respite in near vicinity is Pub Street as the general perception goes.

Beyond the obvious marvels of the Angkor Wat complex, the cluster of villages, Serpentine river and her marriage with the enormous Tonle Sap Lake, the museums and night life, Siem Reap has successfully orchestrated many other memorable events. Here is a ready reckoner for the travel enthusiast in you.

1. Phare, The Cambodian Circus

phare circus by Peter Pecksen on 500px.com

The name circus transcends the barriers of performing arts with excellent manoeuvres of theater, music, dance and modern circus arts, with Phare Circus. You need to see it to believe the flexibility in multiple performances that traces its root in indigenous pride of the land.

With agile acrobats, the circus tells the tale of age old Cambodian life, picking up the small evidence existing till date. The show compels you to contemplate into oriental culture as a spectacle of Cambodian culture, history and belief unravel before your eyes. There is emphasis on beliefs of the civilization and the stories related to the same.

A prior booking is necessary and with preferred sitting arrangement you will be treated neatly with complimentary beverage and a dainty gift. We strongly recommend a visit to the show that amplifies an enriching visual experience with a heady cocktail of melody and culture.

2. Dining & Apsara Dance Show At Por Cuisine

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Look no further than the Por Cuisine for an exquisite experience of Cambodian culture with swaying Apsara dance and sumptuous dinner spread. Within a span of an hour, you will be introduced to the art of Khmer cultural extravaganza with Apsaras, otherwise known as celestial maidens.

In a fresh air garden, guests are seated and treated with entertaining Apsara dance that performs different tales of Ramkher, Cambodian version of Ramayana, the Indian epic.

During the performance, guests are guided to dinner that features best of French era as well as authentic Cambodian food. The fact that French were once present in the place is evident is there food till date.

However for taking you taste buds for a whirlwind journey, do try any of the amazing Khmer fish dishes they prepare!

3. After Dark Foodie Tour On Vespa

As the evening descents and old temple complex bids adieu for guests for the day, Siem Reap awaits you with more surprises to excite your mind! Do not be hesitant to book a tour by the Vespa guides for they will show you the authentic colors of local life beyond the overcrowded Pub Street.

Be ready to sit with the locals at a shrine and hope for a prosperous life. Get high after drinking flavorful Cambodian rice wine, infused with herbs of the land. Of course there is a gala dinner arrangement from the street side stalls or picnic style set ups. Every guest is accompanied by a skilled driver and provided with raincoat for unexpected weather change.

These are some of the exotic experience awaiting you at the tourist town that lies in close proximity to Angkor temples. With French shophouse style villas, rich colonial heritage and magnificent charm of Khmer heritage, Siem Reap awaits eagerly to enthrall the tourist with genteel surprises.

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