4 restaurants in Vientiane that will satisfy your taste buds

Vientiane is not the most vibrant or the most happening city in Asia, but the food scene in Vientiane is world class. With increasing number of tourists and expats all kinds of restaurants serving world cuisines are being opened. Here is a look at our favorite restaurants in Vientiane.

1. Le Silapa Restaurant

Address – 88, Setthathirat Road, Vientiane, Laos
Le Silapa is an upscale restaurant in Vientiane serving French cuisine. The prices are moderate. This restaurant uses fresh ingredients from the local market, rather than importing them,the chefs chooses its ingredients locally. The decor is white and grey and the design is modern and contemporary. It is a perfect place for a business meeting or a romantic dinner. La Silapa cooks traditional French dishes with modern twists. Recommended dishes are Saumon mi-cuitSteak de morue charbonnière du Canada and Fondant mi-cuit à la manière de Philippe.

Le Silapa Restaurant in Vientiane

Le Silapa Restaurant

2. La Signature Restaurant

Address – Quai Fa Ngum, Ban Vat Chan, Hom 5, Muang Chanthabury, Vientiane
La Signature, a French restaurant at Ansara Hotel is one of Vientiane’s favorites. Guests can choose between dining indoors, in the air-conditioned comfort of an elegantly set up room on the first floor or weather permitting, al fresco at the roofed terrace on the ground floor. The menu changes every 3 months, but some key dishes remain permanently. A touch of Lao was added recently to the menu and offers some Lao dishes revisited by the chef. Guests can enjoy different variations of snails, beef tenderloin, scallops, salmon, lamb and duck. Recommended dish is Cooked Duck with Oyster sauce, Bok Choy and pan fried Foie Gras.

La Signature restaurant at Ansara Hotel, Vientiane

La Signature Restaurant

3. Kualao Restaurant

Address : 134 Samsenthai Road, P.O Box 1873, Vientiane
Kualao Restaurant is an upscale restaurant which is internationally recognized. The restaurant serves Lao food and is an ideal place for a romantic dinner because of its colonial style French Indochine ambience. Housed in a two storey vintage building which was an residential estate of French officials just few years ago. Our favourite food at this restaurant was the set menu. Also try their signature dessert crunchy fruit bites and chewy rice balls in sweet coconut milk.

Set menu at Kualao restaurant in Vientiane

Set menu at Kualao restaurant

4. Makphet Restaurant

Address : Behind Wat Ong Teu parallel to Sethathirat Road, Vientiane
Makphet means chili in Lao. It is owned by a group known as Friends International and this group has four more restaurants in Cambodia. This restaurant offers Lao cuisine in relaxing surroundings. This restaurant makes great shakes and cocktails. There is a small gift shop here, where the products are sold to support children’s education.

Cocktail at Makhpet Restaurant, Vientiane

Cocktail at Makhpet Restaurant

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