A Visit to Arrowhead Stadium

The NFL has created a great television product, making sure games are completed within a three-hour window and recently changing rules to create a more entertaining product. Even though it’s great to sit in temperature-controlled comfort and watch a big HD or 4K screen that makes it seem as if you’re sitting in the fifth row of the host stadium, occasionally, it pays to get out of the recliner and head to the actual venue.

Sometimes it’s beneficial, after checking the NFL lines at BetUS Online Sportsbook, to attend a game at one of the stadiums that are identified as must-visit venues. One of those places is Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, which is probably the closest venue the NFL has in providing college-style tailgating and pre-game activities.

Where to Stay

Kansas City is a great destination, with a variety of areas to stay in that offer terrific hotel and dining options. A favorite area to spend the night before a game is Overland Park, with a large number of hotels within close proximity to Interstate 435, which also provides easy access to Arrowhead Stadium, just 20 minutes away.

Overland Park is in Kansas, just a couple of miles from the Missouri state line, and offers plenty of local and national chain restaurants that give a lot of options for dinner the night before the game. Between the Metcalf Avenue area and the impressive Oak Park Mall, it’s possible to find virtually any dining location to satisfy whatever culinary desires for the group.

In addition, everything from full-service hotels to budget-oriented properties is available, making it easy to find someplace to stay that meets your preferences or spending limits. Also, the area generally caters to business travelers, so weekend rates tend to be very favorable, even on Kansas City Chief home game weekends.

Ticket Availability

The Kansas City Chiefs use Ticketmaster as their provider, and they make resales very easy for both the sellers and the buyers. The transaction is verified by Ticketmaster and is easily transferred to the Chiefs application or a mobile wallet, such as that which is available on an Apple mobile device.

Although the Chiefs sell out their games well in advance, I found it relatively easy to secure great seats through the exchange process, getting tickets in the fifth row of the upper deck with the added bonus of having two seats on the aisle next to the entrance to the section.

Parking and Tailgating

Tailgating is highly encouraged at Arrowhead Stadium and is wholeheartedly embraced but Chiefs Nation. Unless you purchase a parking pass along with the tickets, you’ll need to get to the stadium four hours before game time and hope to gain access to the limited free parking spaces that are located in the grassy areas surrounding the paved lots.

The best course of action is to pre-purchase a parking pass and get to the stadium early in order to secure a good spot. The rules for where to set up tables, tents, and grilling equipment are loosely enforced, so it can be a bit of a free for all on navigating through the lot if you arrive any time after 9:00 am for a noon kickoff, or 11:30 am for a 3:00 or 3:25 pm start.

The tailgating environment is among the best in the NFL, but it lacks some of the quaint atmospheres of college venues since it takes place in a large, paved parking lot of enormous expanse. That mild criticism notwithstanding, the enthusiasm of the fans combined with the aroma of freshly grilled brisket makes a visit to Arrowhead Stadium for tailgating and a game one of the must-do activities on any sports fan’s bucket list.

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