Barbados: More than Just a Beach

When you think of this Caribbean paradise, you’d be forgiven if you thought all it had to offer its visitors was its warm white sands and crystal clear seas, but that’s not all that Barbados has to offer. While it’s a popular destination for honeymooners, if you chose to visit this stunning island in the heart of the Caribbean Sea for other reasons, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t just be faced with canoodling couples on a beach. In fact, with cheap flights to Barbados, you can take the time to appreciate everything else that the island has to offer, with some amazing wonders that are absolute must-sees!

Harrisons Cave

Situated in the central uplands, Harrisons Cave is a breathtaking site to behold, comprised of a limestone cavern that glistens in the natural light. The cave is awash with stunning beauty that is an absolute must if you’re a lover of the natural world.

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Baobab Trees

Head for Queen’s Park in Bridgetown and you can come face to face with a monstrous baobab tree that is a sensational sight. This absolutely massive tree’s diameter takes 15 people hand in hand to reach around and is well worth a trip to visit, if only for a quick snapshot.

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Jacobean Mansions

If there’s one way to appreciate Barbadian heritage and culture, it’s by taking a walk past some of the Jacobean mansions that can be found here. Home to two of the three remaining mansions in the western hemisphere, St Nicholas Abbey is open to the public to peruse, too.

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While these three are perfect itinerary fillers, the list is certainly not exhaustive. From strolling the streets of Bridgetown to enjoying boat trips to hidden coves, Barbados has something for everyone – not just honeymooners.

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