DIY – Kyaiktiyo Pagoda as a day trip from Yangon

Everyone visiting the famous Kyaiktiyo Pagoda(Golden Rock), thinks it is not possible to do it as a day trip from Yangon. As a result, they end up spending an extra day on the mountain or at the base camp at Kinpun. But if you have the will and courage, you can easily complete a trip to the Golden Rock in a day, starting and ending in Yangon.

I have done it and I will tell you how can you do it as well.

  • 06.30 AM – Take a taxi to Aung Mingalar bus station (Cost – 8000 Kyat; Time – 45 minutes)
  • 07.15 AM – Reach Aung Mingalar bus station and ask the driver to stop at a bus heading to Kinpun (Cost – 7000 Kyat). Buses leave to Kinpun every one hour. Have a breakfast and buy water at the bus station, since the bus does not stop in between.
  • 07.30 AM – Catch the bus and head to Kinpun (Time – 3.5 hours).
  • 11.oo AM – Reach Kinpun and have your lunch, not many eating options available at the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda.
  • 11.30 AM – Go the truck station, from where you have to take a truck taxi to the pagoda (Cost – 2500 Kyats, Time – 45 minutes)
  • 12.30 PM – Reach the pagoda and spend two hours (Entrance fees for foreigner – USD 6)
  • 02.30 PM – Take a truck taxi back to Kinpun
  • 03.15 PM – Eat a snack
  • 03.30 PM – Bus back to Yangon
  • 06.00 PM – Reach Aung Mingalar bus station and take a taxi back to your hotel in Yangon
  • 06.45 PM – Reach hotel

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - Myanmar-3